NHL/NHLPA Closing in on 6-Year CBA Extension


The league and the players could have a new extension in place when play resumes.

While the NHL and the NHLPA have been hammering at this return to play format, they have also been taking a crack at the CBA at the same time. It was said that the players would like to have a new extension in order to play.

The current CBA deal expires in 2022 and the time is winding down to get a deal done. That being said, it has been noted that even if an extension and the terms were agreed on, they wouldn’t be doing a full CBA extension.

They are actually working on a framework and a memo of understanding for the league and the players. The latest I’m hearing from this morning is a 6-year deal. The most recent reports had it at 4 or 5, but 6 could be a good number.

The players are still waiting to see potential numbers on salary cap and escrow. They still have not gotten their last paycheck due to the uncertainty of the pandemic. Remember, the League and the players have a 50/50 split when it comes to hockey-related revenue.

The salary cap was expected to make a major jump for next season but the coronavirus put a stop to that. Escrow is another touchy subject, with players still deciding either to take their earned revenue or leave it.

Training camps are set to open on July 10 and a potential return to play around the beginning of August. The players will more likely be enticed to vote to go ahead if they have a new deal in place with assurances.

Another update is that it’s likely an announcement will be made during the first week of July, which is great news. The sooner this deal gets done, the sooner we can go back to focusing on hockey.

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