2020 MLB season: Notable changes


The 2020 MLB season is finally here. Baseball made plenty proposals to come back but one side always shot it down. A 60 game season has been agreed to and will start in under a month.

2020 MLB season changes

There are some big changes and this shortened season will be good to test them. The trade deadline will be Aug. 31 and players will have till Sept. 15 to be on a roster to be eligible for the playoffs. There will be a separate injured list for players with Covid19. Each team will play 10 games verse divisional opponents and 4 games against opposite league divisional opponents. The universal DH will be in effect for both leagues. Extra innings will start with a runner on second base.

Interesting twist

2020 MLB season extra innings second base rule change.

The minor leaguers have been starting extra innings with a runner on second base for a while now. Basically this will be implemented in the majors due to stopping long lengthy usages of the bullpen.

There is plenty of doubt that the second base rule won’t be a favorite to bring back. Even though it will reduce huge expense to the bullpen, it will be harder to get out of a immediate scoring threat. All that needs to happen is two sacrifices to get the runner in.

The DH is another twist. The major leagues have been waiting for universal DH rule for both leagues for decades now. This again will help out the reduction of the pitching role. This will not hurt situational baseball at all. If anything this will heighten the depth of any situation.

2020 MLB season ends spitting

This is placed in affect for obvious reasons. It is a bad habit but baseball players especially pitchers have spit in games for good reasons. Regardless of the reasoning baseball players at any level has a no spitting policy due to the Covid19 pandemic. Pitchers can use a wet towel for extra grip. It will be interesting how they will evaluate punishment for offenders.

Covid19 injury list

With baseball coming back, the league realizes that players will get sick. MLB will not be playing in a bubble. They will be traveling, which consists of bus rides and plane rides. If a player gets sick during an away series they will be instructed to stay in that city during quarantine. This will have huge expenses but will be necessary.


These notable rule changes have come at a time to test on a small scale. Not every rule will continue after this season but it is essential in fighting the pandemic at hand. This will be a historic season since they will be playing less than a 3rd of the season without a strike. Let’s play ball.

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