Florida Goes Back to Back and Takes CDL Paris

Florida Goes back to back and becomes the first team to win 3 championships

NY had Florida at the edge of their seats, Florida wiped them clean, reversed swept them, then made FaZe look like a bunch of amateurs. Don’t get me wrong, FaZe is an amazing team, but WOW, they just got smoked in Dom. Yes, there are still many questions. Is this the honeymoon stage, are they just on-liners, or are they the real deal? CDL Paris provided us with some much-needed answers, but with 3 home series left and Champs, A LOT can still happen.

Fear the Deep

Ever since Owakening joined and Fero was picked up mid-season, this has been a different Florida team. Yes, all 3 of their home series wins have been online since the league moved that direction because of COVID. Nonetheless, that is 3 wins the most of any team including FaZe, Dallas and Chicago. This was a back-to-back tourney win and their dominant 3-0 over Atlanta FaZe shows that maybe they are the real deal. Right now, they are one of the best teams and for sure the hottest one. While we won’t see them for roughly another month over the past two weeks, they’ve opened the eyes in the CDL.

FaZe Take the Points and Move On

FaZe is still one of the most talented teams and does still sit pretty on top of the CDL. However, over the past two events, they’ve been playing scared and from behind a lot more than in the beginning. Yes, competition has got a lot better but they’re also playing a lot more Game 5s than they should be. As a team, FaZe is putting themselves in holes that are really avoidable. They got smoked in the Grand Finals but yet they placed Top 2, playing again on Sunday and still maintaining 1st place in the standings. They need minor improvements here and there, but they are still the most talented team and team to fear the most.

Dallas Top 4 Again

Dallas continues to make Championship Sunday; however, they still fall short to the Mutineers or to FaZe. They have the perfect mix of young talent and veterans. And while they still are falling short, they are still a top-4 team in the CDL and will most likely have a good standing when it comes to Champs. Clayster has been vocal about this game’s obvious struggles on Twitter despite the team’s record, which is cool to see. We have seen OGLA complain about spawns and the online lag. But when it comes from a top-four team, it just shows that this game is a mess in its first year of franchising. Anyways, Dallas still has tremendous talent to make noise at Champs as well as here in the last three events, two of which they are competing in.


After watching their last two events, OGLA was getting a lot of hype going into this home event and for good reason. They have the talent and it seemed as if the vibes were good after a Top 2 and Top 4 finish in the last two events. Then they went to “Paris” and got smoked. They won one map all weekend and fell victim to the worst Hardpoint loss in the CDL. No one on the team was above a 1.0 k/d let alone a .9, and superstar Dashy even had a 0.68, which is very unusual of him. Optic will be off until CDL London, as well as Toronto, but if they want any shot at Champs, a lot needs to be cleaned up, no matter how much Slasher and company voice their frustrations about the game.

NY Again Falls Short of Top 2

The NY Subliners are for sure an improving team. Ever since the addition of Mack, the team has been on the upswing. Now, we don’t know if this is because of online play or what. However, one thing is for certain, and that is they keep moving up in the standings. And, most people see NY as a top 5 team right now. They have the perfect gel of veterans and they have found their slayer in Mack and their SnD as well has been so much better. They could have been playing for a chance to win it all if it wasn’t for a reverse sweep that went in favor of Florida. It would have been their first Top 2 and would have been huge to show them they are here and can be a force to be reckoned with. Mack, once again, fried all weekend, as he led the way with an overall 1.19 k/d including a 1.44 in search.

Across the Pond and Out Early

Since this was Paris’ home series, we were going to see both the teams who represent Europe. That being the London Royal Ravens and Paris Legion. Both teams are going in opposite directions. Paris started off hotter than London but has cooled down tremendously, whereas London has been improving home series after home series, including a Top 2 finish at Seattle’s home series. That was not the case at CDL Paris for either team. Paris finished top 7-8, whereas London finished top 5-6. Both had mediocre performances that definitely could have been a lot better resulting in better showings. For one, I had London at least making Championship Sunday, which they failed to do.  

Toronto Being Toronto

There is really not much to say about Toronto. They didn’t have many expectations going in. But, as far as exceeding expectations, they did that. Yes, they only finished Top 5-6, however, they took FaZe to a Game 5 and manhandled Optic Gaming. Like, the match with Optic was not even close. They beat them by 200 in the Hardpoint and swept them 3-0. They also took FaZe to a Game 5 Round 11 before ultimately falling short. Toronto still sits at 10th in the standings and to many, alongside Paris, they are the blandest teams.

CDL Paris Recap

CDL Paris was no CDL Minnesota, but it did give us a fair share of excitement. Florida went Back 2 Back, Optic collapsed and Faze once again finished top 2. Players will still complain about this game, as Modern Warfare is well not one of the best Call of Duty games. However, we have to get through it and keep watching these matches as Champs is just right around the corner.

Off to “NY” We Go

NY was a home series I, myself, was going to attend. Obviously, now that is not the case. However, the show will be going on, as NY will play host to 7 teams.

Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 6.08.36 PM

Because of circumstances, I could not fit all rounds in. However, this is the direction I see CDL NY going in. As for last weekend’s predictions, I was way off, as I thought Optic could pull it out. Boy was I wrong. However, this time around, I see NY getting the edge over FaZe, a mountain they have been climbing for months. We will see in about 10 days as what we have seen over the past month anything can happen!

Huge shoutout to @Its_EasyMac on twitter. All stats are courtesy of him. Give him a follow for anything CDL related. Also click here to view his spreadsheet on Stats from each event, overall K/d’s. What that guy does is absolutely nuts, so credit to him.

Come back next week for my very own CDL rankings, as we now have a good understanding of where every team should stand.

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