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Josh Jacobs: Floor and Ceiling

After a huge rookie season, there are high hopes for the young Alabama product in Josh Jacobs. Putting up 1,150 yards and 7 touchdowns, Jacobs proved himself as a definite top 10 running back in the NFL. While Jacob’s potential is through the roof, let’s analyze the floor and ceiling for him next season.


The Raiders relied heavily on Jacobs production last season and 2020 will be no different. With that being said the floor for Jacobs would still come with a very productive season. As a rookie, Jacobs topped over one thousand yards and nearing 10 touchdowns. In 2020 the floor for Jacobs should be set at one thousand yards and 5 touchdowns. Keeping in mind these should be easy numbers for the star running back to put up with the carries he will get. As long as the floor is met Jacobs will have a successful season. However there is much more to come.


Jacob’s huge rookie season showed that he could take the load of a top running back and has the numbers to back it up. He performed in what was close to his ceiling last year but there are certainly ways for him to reach his full potential. This will come in the receiving game. Jacobs only caught 27 passes for 166 yards. These numbers need to be improved upon next season and certainly can. As Jacobs gets more comfortable with the team, system, and plays he should start to fill a bigger receiving role. If Jacobs can put up similar rushing stats to last year and improve his receiving to around the five hundred yard mark, it is easy to say is ceiling will be well met.

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