3 Breakout Candidates for the Giants Next Season

Here are three New York Giants breakout candidates every NFL fan should look out for in the next NFL season!

1. Darius Slayton, Wide Receiver

Drafted in the fifth round, at pick 171, Darius Slayton was an absolute steal. The injury to Sterling Shepard and overall weak wide receiver corps of the Giants gave Slayton an opportunity to showcase his strengths at the receiver position. Finishing the year with 48 receptions for 740 yards and 8 touchdowns, Darius Slayton proved that with more development and experience, he could be a very strong wide receiver two or even a number one receiver for the Giants. The young dynamic duo of Daniel Jones and Darius Slayton, as well as a healthy Saquon Barkley should make every Giants fan extremely excited for next season. And strike fear in the hearts of every opposing defense…

2. Ryan Connelly, Linebacker

Another young star drafted in the fifth round, this time at pick 143. Ryan Connelly’s season was cut short by a torn ACL in week four of the season. In just four games, this rookie had two interceptions, 20 combined tackles, 10 solo tackles, two tackles for loss, and one QB hit. Connelly even took over play calling duties in the defensive huddle. Barring any injuries, it looks as though Ryan Connelly will be able to breathe life into an otherwise dormant Giants offense. 

3. Dion Lewis, Running Back

A relatively under the radar signing by the Giants this off season, Dion Lewis is a veteran running back that will be able to help Saquon Barkley manage his gameday workload. Barkley is an extremely dynamic running back. He’s a power back, an elusive back, and he can line up out wide and catch passes. However, Lewis has also proven he can catch passes, which would take some of the pressure off of Barkley. This does not mean the Giants shouldn’t utilize Barkley’s pass catching abilities. It does mean they don’t have to solely rely on Barkley in the backfield. Now it’s safe to say that Lewis is nowhere near the level of a star running back and on the Giants he won’t get to prove that he is. However he will definitely add depth to the running back corps and prove that he is a strong RB 2. 

Those were 3 potential for a breakout Giants candidates to look out for in the upcoming NFL season!

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