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A Twitter Fantasy Hockey Contest for Everyone

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The NHL, against all odds, is returning for the playoffs! Fantasy hockey this season is all but done. However, my fantasy hockey Twitter contest, #Dailytop3, will continue!

What is the Contest?

All contestants pick 3 players who were under 25% owned on ESPN Fantasy when the regular season ended. I add up the total points of all three of everyone’s picks and whoever has the highest total wins. If you do not use ESPN Fantasy, that is fine, because I will post every example on my hockey Twitter account @HockeyFantasyD1. Some of the most popular picks this season were Pavel Buchnevich, Alex Iafallo, Tyler Ennis, and Conor Garland. You can pick defenders if you like to take risks, but goalies are not involved in the contest. You just need to tweet your picks @ my Twitter using #Dailytop3.

What is the Point System?

Goals: 3
Assists: 1.5
Plus/Minus: 1/-1
SOG: .25
Hits: .25
Blocks: .25

The point system had to change because I used my fantasy league’s point system. I do not believe ESPN Fantasy will update the points of the players during the playoffs. All the rules are also outlined in my pinned tweet. However, some adjustments were needed over time. For instance, if you pick the same exact 3 players as someone else, whoever picked them first would finish ahead of you. However, I do allow you to pick the same three because it could help your average and I usually would miss it anyway. If there are day games, I allow you to pick players after the first puck drop, but ONLY from games that have not started yet. I do this because of the time differences, but I’m sure the playoffs will accommodate all North American time zones.

Why Play?

I was inspired by the #bucciovertimechallenge and I missed being in a deep fantasy hockey league with 16 teams. This contest is a simulation of waiver wire adds for deep leagues. I started this contest in late January and we have had 28 people play so far. Everyone has gotten along great so far with a lot of positive interactions. However, of course, there is banter and friendly competition with trash talk. It wouldn’t feel right running a hockey-related contest without chirping. The people who have the most fun tell their friends and consistently play. When you play almost every day, you get to know your opposition and rivalries are created. One example of a  rivalry going right now is between @JHawreschuk and @jkj0787. If you like fantasy hockey and friendly competition this is perfect for you.


There will be prizes for the person with the highest overall point total and the person with the highest average score at the end of the playoffs. The person with the highest average would need to have played at least 25 days to encourage participation. The prize is a choice of cash or some merchandise from your favorite team. Currently, @SteveLMcE and @statsy9er are leading in Point Total and Average respectively. Unfortunately, I am not rich, so the prize will be around $20 each or hockey merchandise with a $20 value. It’s important to remember that this is not per contest, but at the end of the playoffs, so only 2 people will get the final prizes.


Hockey is back and so is #Dailytop3! Tell a friend and give my Twitter a follow at @HockeyFantasyD1 and remember the #Dailytop3. If you have any further questions feel free to direct message me on Twitter, but keep in mind I live in England, which is 5 hours ahead of the Eastern Time Zone.

Follow my hockey Twitter @HockeyFantasyD1 to participate!

Come discuss this and much more at the Overtime Heroics forums!

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