Los Angeles Angels Address Pitching Needs In 2020 Major League Baseball Draft

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The Los Angeles Angels kicked off the draft by choosing Reid Detmers with the 10th overall pick on June 10, 2020.

With a 60 game season on the table and a pool of 60 players allowed for Spring Training, it will be interesting to see if any players from the Angels 2020 Draft will make an appearance.

With yesterday’s agreement between Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Players Union to start spring training on July 1, 2020. The Los Angeles Angels regular season will then begin on July 23rd or 24th, per the MLB announcement.

We wrote earlier in the year about how the Angels pitching staff was going to be a work in progress this season and they have taken steps to address it through this year’s draft.

Even with a crystal ball, it’s tough to see if draft choices such as Detmers will ever actually make the big leagues. But let’s stick with the Angels 2020 draft for now.

What Happened With Pitchers In The First Ten Picks

The first pitcher to go in the draft was right-hander Max Meyer, who went third to the Miami Marlins. Miami drafted 6 pitchers overall.

The Kansas City Royals took LHP Asa Lacy, Texas A&M 4th overall. Like the Angels, The Royals had the 4th worst team ERA in the league at 5.20. The Angels were only slightly better at 5.12 for a rank of 6th.

The Seattle Mariners took RHP Emerson Hancock, Georgia with the 6th overall pick. While the 7th, 8th, and 9th players were position players before the Angels settled on Detmers at number 10.

What Kind Of A Pitcher is Detmers?

Detmers is not a fireball pitcher throws heaters in the high 90’s. He specializes in throwing a nasty curveball to go with his changeup and fastball. Which looks faster because of the way he throws the curve and changeup. His control is also very strong.

He was rated as having the best curveball in the draft and has some scouts seeing some comparisons with the Dodgers Clayton Kershaw. Detmers is also rated as the top left-hander in the draft.

He also wasn’t selected until Round 32 by the Atlanta Braves out of high school because of what some called a weak fastball. But Detmers more than made up for this as a sophomore in college.

It was there that he showed what he could really do, as he had a 13-4 with a 2.78 ERA and allowed a minuscule .177 batting average against. His strikeout to inning ratio is what was really noticeable as 13.26 K/9 as a sophomore. And 19.64 K/9 as a junior.

We know that the Angels pitching staff is a weak spot so it will be interesting to see how Detmers moves through their farm system.

Rosters will be expanded to 30 players at the start of the season. After two weeks they will be reduced to 28, and then to 26 after four weeks of play. We don’t know if this will mean that Detmers will make an appearance given the shortened season and a drive to make the playoffs in the American League West.

No 2nd Round Pick So On To The Third Round

With the signing of Anthony Rendon, the Angels did not pick in round 2 (pick #47). Next up they took David Calabrese a Canadian, at #82.

Calabrese was the 67th best prospect by Baseball America and in the top 100 prospects according to He’s 18 in September and has potential but the Angels have a lot of these types of prospects and some feel they really should be stocking up on pitchers.

Rounds Four and Five Round Out This Year’s Angels Draft

With taking High School SS Werner Blakely in the fourth round, the Angels have themselves another prospect with potential. Werner has told people that Derek Jeter is his idol. And that he plans to work hard to get to be as good as Jeter in his prime. Lofty goals for sure but his physical body and skills are still raw and that may take some serious honing in the minors.

In Round Five, the Angels picked another left-handed pitcher in Adam Seminaris. Seminaris 21, has already signed a deal worth 140,000. With his junior season cut short at Long Beach State when COVID-19 hit, He had fanned 36 and walked one in 22 innings. He has a 3.58 ERA in 173 2/3 innings in his collegiate career.

His pitches do remind some scouts of Tom Glavine which hints at the potential Seminaris has.

We may not get to see these players, particularly Detmers and Seminaris. Given the strange nature of the way, the 2020 season is unfolding but these two pitchers are ones to watch over the next two seasons.

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