Lakers Schedule announced|July 30th

On the 26th June the National Basketball Association released the upcoming schedule for the NBA restart. If you are not aware, the NBA season will be set for resumption on July 30th. It’ll be held at the Disney World Sports Complex in Orlando,Florida. With just 4 weeks to go the basketball world cannot contain their excitement to see basketball back on our screens.

Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers Schedule has been released alongside the remaining other 21 teams across the association. A tough remaining schedule for the purple and gold as they headline the NBA restart against cross-city rivals the LA Clippers.

If we focus on one team which have displayed excellence on their pursuit to a championship it’s the Los Angeles Lakers. Before the season was halted on March 11, the Lakers were flying high. They were on top of the western conference with a 5.5 game lead over cross-City rivals the Clippers. Purple and gold were on steaming hot form as just days before the suspension. LeBron James and co picked up a emphatic dub over the Clippers and had finally got a win against their fellow L.A ball club.

The victory was a changing point within neutral fans views and expectations on this Lakers roster. As the Lakers proved they can compete against high-calibre teams, i.e the Bucks and the Clippers.

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So now as we look forward to July 30th the infamous Los Angeles Lakers resume their hopes for a 17th title with a national televised game against the Los Angeles Clippers.

The match-up against the Clippers this late July will be very challenging as the Lakers are heading into the contest without Avery Bradley and most likely Dwight Howard. Bradley has been so integral for this Lakers team. Especially on the defensive end as he ignites the aggressive defensive energy within the Lakers. Secondly fans will be absent. So the Lakers will not have the adoring Laker faithful in attendance. This will narrow it all down to basketball intelligence.

Hopes and Expectation for the Lakers

The season record so far stands 2-1 to the Clippers with wins for the Clippers coming on the opening night of the season and on Christmas Day, which was notable for the amazing gritty defensive highlight play by Patrick Beverly on LeBron James.

With a four and a half month break of basketball, it’s heavily expected that both teams will be out of rhythm. However this won’t derail the anticipation for fans to be glued for this blockbuster game. Furthermore, there’s a belief on whoever is victorious on the night will be leading favourites to make it out of the west. It’s paramount for the Los Angeles Lakers to make another statement on a title rival. It will give them a boost to silence the doubters and carry on this energy to procure the NBA title .

The Last thing to bare in mind: since the Lakers built a 5.5 game lead in the Western Conference with their 49-14 record, they are a very strong favourites to secure the No. 1 seed. In fact, even if the No. 2 seeded Clippers were to go undefeated, the purple and gold would need to go only 3-5 to secure the top seed. Both teams would have 52 wins in that case, but the Lakers would have one fewer loss.

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