Utah Jazz Schedule Prediction and Guide to the Team

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Donovan Mitchell

It’s finally that time again! Basketball is back! It has been a long wait since that game in Oklahoma City where the season was officially canceled. The Utah Jazz have a lot of questions marks around them heading to Orlando. Will the team respond well with Bojan Bogdanovic who played a huge part on the team this year? Will Joe Ingles make the trip to Orlando? How will Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert work together after the incident? So let’s do the Utah Jazz Schedule Prediction. Let us jump into the opening night game!


Game 1: New Orleans Pelicans 7/30 @ 4:30

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Games 1-4

First up, the New Orleans Pelicans. Game one will be the opening night game in the bubble. This is a very interesting game to predict. With all the questions surrounding the Utah Jazz can they respond here against the Zion led New Orleans Pelicans. I will say they jump out of the gate with a win on opening night silencing the haters and giving the Jazz a much needed win

Prediction: 1-0

Game 2: Oklahoma City Thunder 8/1 @ 1:30

Game 2 is a huge game. Probably our biggest rival currently in the NBA. I think this will be a hard fought game and one that is a much watch. As much as I want to pick Utah, I think CP3 and the thunder will be too much for the Jazz and they will get the win here.

Prediction: 1-1

Game 3: Los Angeles Lakers 8/3 @ 7

This is another bad game for the Utah Jazz. I have a feeling Lebron is going to play with a new passion when he gets to Orlando and no one is going to want to be in his path. This will probably be the worst game out of the lot for us as I see us losing by 10+.

Prediction: 1-2

Game 4: Memphis Grizzles 8/5 @ 12:30

Finally, Utah gets an opponent they are better than. This will be the game that Utah bounces back and gets back in the win column. We match up very well with Memphis and this should be one of the easier games on our schedule. Expect Mitchell to have a huge game here. We are halfway through our Utah Jazz schedule prediction and the Jazz sit at .500.

Prediction: 2-2

Game 5: San Antonio Spurs 8/7 @ 11 AM

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Games 5-8

This is also a very interesting game. Here we get a very early tip time as almost a lunch time tipoff which makes this a very interesting game. It is the first of two matchups against the Spurs in Orlando and this one has its advantages. It will be whoever gets up and is ready to play relatively early. The Spurs losing Lamarcus will hurt them a ton and should give Utah the advantage heading into this game. Demar vs Mitchell will be a fun matchup to watch but I think Utah takes care of business right before they hit another tough stretch of games.

Prediction: 3-2

Game 6: Denver Nuggets 8/8 @ 1:30

This is another divisional opponent that Utah will run into. I think we have all seen the pictures of skinny Jokic around the world and I think that sight will be a scary one when he gets back to playing. I think Jokic will have a big night even with Gobert on him and Denver pulls off the victory here plus this being a back to back will have an effect on the Jazz.

Prediction: 3-3

Game 7: Dallas Mavericks 8/10 @ 1

This I think will also be a very fun game to watch as Luka and Mitchell will go head to head with probably huge playoff implications on the line. Utah won both matchups during the regular season but missing Bojan and maybe Ingles will give Utah a little disadvantage here and I am going to say that Dallas picks up the win.

Prediction: 3-4

Game 8: San Antonio Spurs TBD @ TBD

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Rudy Gobert

Being the last game, the NBA wants to schedule them based on playoff implications so the date and time of the second meeting against the Spurs has not been announced just yet. But just like earlier without Aldridge the Spurs will be at a disadvantage the entire time while in Orlando which Utah should take advantage of and go 2-0 against them in Orlando.

Prediction: 4-4


Now, you might say that 4-4 will not be a good finish to the season but I think that stills puts us in the running for the 4th seed. Oklahoma City and Dallas will definitely be the teams to watch and dropping both games against them will not be good but luckily we get some easier matchups and we can still contend with them during this time. It should be fun to watch what happens and we cannot wait to see how it all goes! How would you rate my Utah Jazz schedule prediction?

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