Dan Mullen faces a make or break 2020

Dan Mullen has had good success his first two seasons head coaching the Florida Gators. Mullen coaching the Gators to Jan. 1 bowl games is respectable but now the Gator faithful wants the SEC East. In order to win the SEC East they must beat Georgia.

Dan Mullen is in a hard place

Let’s say the first two seasons were like being at a restaurant and loving the appetizers. Soon it will be time for the main course. Gator nation has been saying on their message boards that if Mullen can’t win the East this year will he ever win it. In all of the SEC Dan Mullen has the most pressure even from coaches that commonly lose alot.


Dan Mullen has Kyle Trask.

Dan Mullen has alot going for him therefore this is the best year to make it happen. He has one of the best quarterbacks using the quick game. Kyle Trask gets the ball out on average 2.8 seconds while having a mediocre offensive line. This years offensive line will be better due to having more experience together. In addition to a more cohesive offensive line Trask has great young weapons to throw to. Let’s also don’t forget that they have a very talented and experienced secondary on the defense. If there is such thing as a tame schedule in the SEC the Gators have that this season also.

Losing is no option for Dan Mullen

Dan Mullen this season is playing a role that can change everything for the program. Beating Georgia would give advantages in the recruiting system. There is a scenario where they can win the East without beating Georgia but they are the big dogs that need to get ousted.

Let’s compare this season to coach Harbaugh’s 2016 Michigan Wolverine season. The Wolverines had a struggle to get back to the glory days. The 2016 Wolverines season was the season to get it done. They had a great team with decent success. The only team in their way was the Buckeyes. They lost in overtime over a controversial 1st down call that lost the game. They still have not beaten Ohio State to get to the Big ten championship or playoffs.


Dan Mullen is facing a season just like Harbaugh faced in 2016. This basically means if the Gators can’t beat the Bulldogs this season will they ever. They have the team that could beat them now so it’s time TO GET IT ON!!!!

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