How Desmond’s Decision Affects the Rockies

The Rockies put out a 52 man pool on the initial 60 man roster for the 2020 season a couple days ago. This roster included Ian Desmond. Let’s take a look at the roster, take Desmond off of it, and see what is in store for the Rockies this season. Even though the Rockies signed Matt Kemp, there are still open spots to fill.

Active Outfielders on the Rockies

The Rockies have five active players in the outfield now. They are Charlie Blackmon, David Dahl, Yonathan Daza, Sam Hilliard, and Raimel Tapia. The biggest reason why this is a huge deal for the Rockies is the health they have in the outfield is not the best. Blackmon was reported to have COVID-19 at the end of June and David Dahl has had many injuries in the past. If Blackman can’t play right away that puts the Rockies at four outfielders. There would be no bench players to give the starters a break if someone were to get hurt.


Solutions to the Problem

Bring someone up to take the spot

This could be a big problem for the Rockies, but there are some ways to successfully fix the issue. The first solution could be to bring up another outfielder that was in the minors last year. They could also bring up their first round pick, Zac Veen. He probably will not get the opportunity to play, but he could still work out with the team. Who knows, he might get a swing or two in during a blowout. The other person that might be up is Mike Gerber. Mike played a little MLB for the Giants last year and didn’t do much. When he was sent back to AAA he hit a .308 average, OBP of .368, and had 26 HRs for the River Cats. He is on the Non-Roster and might be the next man up.

Find a position player that can play outfield

The second option is that other position players can step up. Garrett Hampson has played outfield before. The Rockies could move Hampson out in center occasionally to give players rest. However, this means they would have to play another infielder, such as Brendan Rodgers, or just completely rearrange the infield.

What should Colorado do?

What the Rockies should do is a mixture of both solutions. They need to bring up another OF, whether it is Veen or a veteran, to fill up the spot. This will give them depth, and Hampson can still play mostly in the infield. It is nice to have a guy like Hampson, but he is working at being the full time guy at second. You don’t want to have to change your whole lineup to move him out there. If they want to bring Veen up to work out with the team I understand, but I would go with Gerber. He had some struggle with the MLB but he has been doing well in AAA. He could be the guy that gives you depth and helps when someone gets hurt or need a break.

The Rockies have a couple of options that they can go with for their roster. It is a shorter season, which will hopefully help people that need breaks or have injuries. It will be interesting on which route they go with and how this will change their lineups.

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