NBA Champions of 2020 will be Legitimate


The NBA champions of 2020 will be the first champions with abnormal circumstances due to the Covid19 pandemic. Will the champs have an asterisk or will they purely be legitimate? There are many reasons to give an asterisk but when you think champion this will be legitimate.

What could cause a asterisk to the NBA champions

Since we are dealing with a pandemic there is one big reason this could not be a legitimate champion. Let’s say the playoffs start and the Lakers, Clippers, and Bucks have to play without a star player due to infection. In today’s situation this can definitely happen. There is a chance anyone can win the championship due to this circumstance.

The circumstances in today’s game shapes the champions to a new level. One element of a true championship team is dealing with adversity. Dealing with this pandemic is just that and how you conditioned the body while the season was suspended. Yes there will be an asterisk only due to telling people why the champs came to be the champs. There is no doubt that the team will be legitimate.

Dealing with adversity

NBA champs need to be focused

The biggest weakness in having a stoppage of play is how the players treat their body. Every player is going through the same ordeal so keeping in shape is a must. There have been reports that James Harden always stays fit and this is the same with Lebron James. Unfortunately not every player has the same work ethic during a stoppage. When a season stops due to a pandemic players might not be mentally ready to come back. They wint understand that this is a suspended season not a canceled season.

During the stoppage no player was able to even touch a basketball. They could not go to the gym to workout. They needed to keep the body physically , mentally, and emotionally fit throughout the break.


No matter how you look at who the champ will be, they will be legitimate. To be able to stop with huge momentum going to the playoffs and capture the momentum again. To be able to stay in shape during a pandemic. Try to stay healthy and continue playing like there was no break. These are big aspects on why this season’s champs will be legitimate. Any team can still win this season.


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