What the Signing of Cam Newton means for Jarrett Stidham


Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably seen that the Patriots signed former Carolina Panther quarterback Cam Newton. New England now has three quarterbacks on the roster, Jarrett Stidham, Brian Hoyer, and Newton. Last Sunday, Newton signed a one-year deal with New England worth 550 thousand dollars that could reach 7.5 million with bonuses and incentives. 

When Tom Brady and the Patriots departed ways this offseason, second-year quarterback Jarrett Stidham was expected to be the new QB1 in New England. However, with the signing of Cam Newton (who will most likely be the favorite for the starting job) what does that mean for Stidham? 

Although Newton is probably the favorite right now, nothing is set and stone in New England. The two quarterbacks will have a chance to compete for the spot, meaning Stidham will have to be on the top of his game during training camp and the preseason. 

Start Newton or Stidham?

You can really look at this situation in two different ways. One being, Newton starts and plays out the entire season. From the outside, that would probably make the most sense. Newton not only has more experience than Stidham, but he also has the accolades to prove he can still be an elite quarterback in the league. Back in 2015, Newton earned the MVP award leading the Panthers to a Super Bowl. Something to also factor in is the Patriots have one of the toughest schedules this year in all of football. Now the other scenario, Stidham will start for New England this year. Although more unlikely to happen, it is still very possible. However, there is no doubt that it would be tough for Stidham, who has never started an NFL regular-season game, to go up against some of the best teams and defenses in the league. 

Even if Stidham weren’t to start, it may not be the worst thing in the world for him. He will have another year to learn the Patriots system which will prepare him for when it is his turn. Remember, Newton is only on a one year deal. This means Stidham could possibly be the starter next year. However, there is obviously a possibility that Newton could be the future quarterback for New England only being 31 years of age. 

So back to the main point, for Jarrett Stidham, what does this mean for him? He could very well still be the starter for the Patriots next year, however, with the signing of Cam Newton, his road to QB1 just got much tougher.

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