Braves Crack Top 5 in First Set of Rankings

As what is sure to look similar to the 2019 lists, MLB has released its first power rankings of 2020. Many of the league’s top playoff teams last year made the cut for the top 5. Being so, the Atlanta Braves are ranked fifth as baseball fans are looking forward for some long overdue action on the MLB diamond.


Placed above the Braves are in the order as follows: the Minnesota Twins, Houston Astros, New York Yankees, and the first place Los Angeles Dodgers. These power rankings are going to look similar until we get some baseball up and running. However, you can’t go wrong with placing Atlanta in the top five.

Explosive Young Core


It is hard to believe just how young the Braves really are. Freddie Freeman is just 30 years old and is the leading veteran on the squad. Around him you have the likes of Ronald Acuna, Ozzie Albies, and the amazing arm of Mike Soroka. Highlighting on Soroka for a bit, who could very well be the club’s ace at just 22 years old. For me, those points really stick out when looking at the Atlanta roster. 

With the new addition of Marcell Ozuna, via free agency from the St. Louis Cardinals, the Braves also have another big bat to aid in the championship hunt. For fans last year, the offense was a sure disappointment in game five against the red birds last year. Ozuna is a veteran bat that will fit nicely in the city of Atlanta. 

The versatility will be a huge plus in favor of the short season. That reason could very well be the one that landed them a top five spot in the opening rankings. The Braves held their first practice in preparation for the modified season last Friday. Will they live up to the hype and be in contention come playoff time?

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