Breaking News: Mashiro Tanaka Goes Down at Yankee Stadium

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It looks like 2020 for the Yankees is continuing the same tradition of last year. Literally day one of spring training camp begins, and it seems the Yankees may already have an injury on hand. When Masahiro Tanaka was pitching to Giancarlo Stanton, Stanton hit a line drive and knocked Tanaka down. The medical staff and teammates rushed in to see if Tanaka was OK. Tanaka stayed down on the ground for a few minutes before being helped by his teammates to get back onto feet. We have no reports at this time of whether or not Tanaka is OK or not.
But it was pretty stupid of the trainers to use a screen shaped like an L though.

On Twitter, though Yankees fans are handling it like they always are: freaking out. But you can’t blame them. Having this has happened one too many times, we can understand how they feel. There have been tweets like this one where fans of other teams hope that Tanaka is OK. I have to say I do appreciate the concern for many fans. Let’s hope that Tanaka is OK, and the Yankees can figure out what would’ve prevented this tragedy.

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