Why The Heat have a shot to win the East

Although Miami may not have the star power other teams do, I think Heat have a legitimate shot to win the East. This will be the most unusual postseason ever and I think it gives an advantage to some teams. I’m going to go through some reason on why I think the Heat have a shot to win the Eastern Conference.

#1. Miami has one of the deepest rosters 

Usually when the playoffs come around many teams like to shorten their rotation. I think Miami expanding their rotation can benefit instead. So lets look at guys who won’t get many minutes as they carry a 17 man roster to Orlando. I dont expect any of the two way players to get many minutes like Kyle Alexander, K.Z. Okpala, and Gabe Vincent. This leaves the roster at 14. Now subtract Udonis Haslem and Soloman Hill who didn’t get many minutes this season and we have a 12 man rotation. Even the 12th man on the Heat’s roster in Chris Silva got lots of playtime but I don’t expect him to get many minutes unless someone’s in foul trouble.

So an 10-11 man rotation seems realistic in which the options are endless for coach Spoelstra. This becomes a factor playing teams like the Milwaukee Bucks. Guarding someone like Giannis Antetokounmpo takes a lot of energy out of usually one of your key players. Bam Adebayo has been phenomenal this year against Giannis. The Heat can always throw multiple good defenders on stars like Iguodala, Butler, and Crowder. Being a deep team can definitely be important to preserve fresh legs especially in the playoffs when the game slows down. Then adding players like Meyers Leonard and Tyler Herro to the mix the Heats bench is arguably one of the best in the league with sparks like Tyler Herro and Goran Dragic

#2 Miami plays to the level of competition 

This season againest current Eastern Conference playoff teams the Heat have played very well. They were undefeated against the Bucks , Raptors, and Pacers. Won 3 out of 4 games against the 76ers. The lost both games against Boston but both on the second night of back to backs. This proves the Heat can compete and beat top competition in the Eastern conference. Although the playoffs is a completely different story I dont see why the Heat can’t continue this success when the season resumes.

#3 The Heat have the best coaching in the East

With future hall of famer Erik Spoelstra at the helm the Heat have shown they can put together an elite gameplan. For example Miami set the trend this year of playing a 2-3 zone at times. Specifically a game in December where they switched into a zone and baffled the 76ers. Brent Brown couldn’t react quick enough and the Heat ended up blowing out Philadelphia in Philly. Miami’s ability to be flexible and switch things up to disturb an opponent is a big advantage. Spoelstra has been innovative since the beginning of his coaching tenure. Especially during the Big three days when he learned how to use Chris Bosh for small ball and practically changed the dynamic of the league. It may not be something many people think about but having a good coach gets you a long way and Coach Spoelstra’s Ability to make changes during games is part of Miami’s success this season.

Overall I do think it’s a long shot for the Heat to have a shot to win the Eastern Conference as I think they still are an all star away before truly being able to contend. In this league it takes one small play to change the fortune of a franchise. No one thought Kawhi and the Raptors would win last year but injuries happen and can effect anyone. The Heat have a shot to win the Eastern Conference

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