What Is Next For The Pacers?

Next For The Pacers

The devastating news of Victor Oladipo choosing to not finish the 2019-20 season, has left PacerNation..pretty upset. Heat of the moment I have read some real negative things, but we will touch on Victor Oladipo at a later time. Next for the Pacers? We focus on who is on the roster and how we can compete in the bubble. We will still be led by our All Star Domantas Sabonis. https://www.overtimeheroics.net/index.php/2020/02/12/sabonis-is-our-type-of-pacers-all-star/

Who Jumps Into The Starting Lineup

Forwards and Center spots are set with C-Sabonis, PF- Myles Turner and SF- TJ Warren. Guard spots are where the debate begins. We can only hope that Malcolm Brogdon is taking one of those spots. https://www.overtimeheroics.net/index.php/2020/06/24/malcolm-brogdon-positive-he-will-return/ Do we go big and start Justin Holiday? He has been a pleasant surprise this season. Do we give Aaron Holiday a run and see what he has? My guess we go TJ McConnell. He can go out and disrupt the other teams point guard and leaves Holiday as more of the offensive threat off the bench.

Playoff Aspirations

Without Victor Oladipo it does put a damper on the expectations, for the playoffs. We are still in position to compete, for the 4th and 5th seeds. At worst the Pacers settle for the 6th seed. The matchups for the playoffs will either be the Celtics, Heat, or Sixers. No need to look at this as a loss of a season. Sabonis, Turner and Brogdon have multi year contracts and can gain playoff experience, from this unique situation.

Looking Forward

The Pacers will still compete as they always do. No tanking. Just effort. Next article will be, What is next for Victor Oladipo. As always, go to our site www.overtimeheroics.net. Head to my twitter @Justis15, for all Pacers updates as we head into the season in the bubble.

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