MLB Is About to Screw the Season up… Again


They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. MLB assumed that they were carefully embarking on what they thought was a good strategy. Baseball would be played, and with constant COVID-19 testing, the players would remain safe while the virus was held in check. Don’t look now, but MLB’s about to screw the season up… again.

The league can’t help that players have contracted the virus, but it’s safe to assume they were carrying it prior to reaching camp. While they’re doing their best to weed out those who are infected, new issues have now arisen.

Testing Becomes a Test of Its Own

According to Ken Rosenthal, at least a couple of teams have had issues with the testers showing up to test the players. MLB has mandated testing as much as three times a week. Furthermore, the players are prohibited from practicing until tested.

Meanwhile, the Oakland A’s are dealing with another type of issue. They’d been tested, but rather than to have shipped the swabs out to a lab in Utah to be analyzed, the test swabs sat resting comfortably over the weekend, somewhere in San Francisco.

Somehow, despite weeks of talks between MLB and the MLBPA, Manfred has once again managed to half-ass the way this is being handled.

If players continue to lose faith in the league’s intent to keep them safe, you’ll see more and more players opting out.

The Cubs’ Kris Bryant is one of those players who no longer feels safe.

Adding insult to injury, MLB isn’t even testing players on the schedule they’d promised. An agreement with union and health officials was made, and the leageue has failed to abide by it. Several members of the Blue Jays went through the first week of camp, only being tested once. That little screw up had some rather serious implications

At the rate this is going, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the 2020 MLB season implode long before Opening Day (July 23rd). Stay tuned, MLB is going to screw this up. Again.

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