MLB Unveils Red Sox 2020 Schedule


Earlier this evening, the 2020 MLB schedule was announced. Each team will be competing in a 60-game regular season starting July 23rd. For the Red Sox, they will start their season against the Orioles at Fenway Park on the 24th of July. No fans will be allowed in the stadium for the start of the season. However, Red Sox president Sam Kennedy hopes to see fans at Fenway Park in the near future. Empty seats will be unusual for the Sox, as players will have to adjust not hearing the loud Boston crowd during their home games.

Schedule Overview

As for the schedule, Boston will play each of their division rivals 40 out of the 60 games. The remaining games will be against interleague teams. After the Red Sox three game series with the Orioles, Boston will host two games against the Mets, then go on to travel to New York for two more games against the Mets, in Queens. The Red Sox will then stay in New York to face the Yankees in a three-game series, then travel south to Tampa Bay to face the Rays. 

Somewhat shocking, are the Red Sox matchups against the Yankees. Out of the 10 games they will play against each other, seven of those will be in New York. The only time Boston will host the Yankees is at the end of September for a quick three-game series. That is the third to last series the Sox will play. Boston will then go on to host the Orioles for three games again, then head to Atlanta to finish off the regular season in a three-game stint against the Braves. 

In terms of making the postseason, it will be tough for the Red Sox. Twenty of their 60 games will be against the Yankees and Rays, two playoff teams from last year who have only gotten stronger. Obviously it doesn’t help losing not only the best player on your team, but the manager who led the Red Sox to the World Series, Alex Cora. Ron Roenicke, the Sox interim manager, will be in charge of leading Boston to a successful season and hopeful playoff run.

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