Nets to Engage in Three Scrimmages Before the Restart

Recently, the NBA released its scrimmage schedule for the teams participating in the Orlando “bubble.” Each team will play in three games before the regular season resumes. The scrimmages for the Nets will be against the Pelicans, Spurs, and Jazz.

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Scrimmages Schedule

As you can see above, Brooklyn will play New Orleans on Wednesday, July 22 @ 9:00 pm, followed by San Antonio on Saturday, July 25 @ 4:30 pm. The Nets finish their exhibition games by playing Utah on Monday, July 27 @ 7:00 pm. The goal of these scrimmages is for teams to compete against other teams out of their conference to reduce immediate pressure and competition. 

Jacque Vaughn Reaction

Interim Head Coach, Jacque Vaughn said that he was in favor of the scrimmages on a Zoom call with media on Saturday. His exact words were, “The goal of those games is to give some guys some rhythm. Our guys haven’t played 3-on-3, 5-on-5, none of the normal build-up you have going into a regular season. More than anything, the conditioning is going to be a piece of it.”

Team Chemistry

The scrimmages will be a great way for Tyler Johnson and other new Nets to build some quick team chemistry. The NBA has not come out with broadcasting information for these games yet. While these games may seem insignificant, fans across the country and beyond are anxious to see the NBA resume. The Nets will fly to Orlando on Tuesday as a team and start their preparation for the road ahead. 

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