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Will Joe Harris Resign with the Nets

Believe it or not, Joe Harris is nearing the end of his fourth year with the Brooklyn Nets. His expiring contract will leave him with many options in free agency. Joe Harris has flourished into the sharpshooter that he is today under the coaching of Kenny Atkinson. Atkinson created a system that promoted moving the ball and finding the open three-pointer. But, the Nets are going to be a much different team next year, with new coach Jacque Vaughn and the addition of DeAndre Jordan, Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving. Without Joe Harris, the Nets will ultimately lack his superior perimeter shooting and his 108.3 defensive rating. 

Joe Harris: A “3 & D” Player

There is a reason that the “3 and D” guys are a desired player type among NBA general managers. These players do not need the ball in their hands to make an impact on the game. The defense cannot leave them alone and help on the more ball-dominant players. For example, that is why James Harden prefers to be surrounded by shooters. The Rocket’s shooters allow Harden to avoid frequent double teams so he can face a single defender. Currently, the market price in the NBA for the top three point shooters is around 14 million dollars per year. That price is close to the salaries of Danny Green, Eric Gordon, and J.J. Redick last offseason. Therefore, Sean Marks should be willing to pay a similar amount to Joe Harris for his extraordinary shooting abilities.

The Luxury Tax

The only reason that the Brooklyn Nets would not give Joe Harris a fair contract is if Joe Tsai feels uncomfortable exceeding the salary cap. The Nets are close to the salary cap as it is, and signing Joe Harris would place the Nets in the luxury tax. Hopefully, the management of the Nets is able to sign Harris to allow Brooklyn to contend for a championship in the 2020-21 NBA season. 

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