A Hurdle to Leap for Braves in 2020 Schedule

PHILADELPHIA, PA - JULY 27: Ronald Acuna Jr. #13 of the Atlanta Braves is congratulated by Ozzie Albies #1 after he hit a two-run home run against the Philadelphia Phillies during the second inning of a baseball game at Citizens Bank Park on July 27, 2019 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)

On Monday, the MLB released each team’s scheduled for the 2020 season. Of those are the Atlanta Braves, who were the division champions last season. Despite holding this title, Atlanta didn’t achieve the ultimate goal, which was the World Series title. Instead, the Braves were blown out of the water in game 5 against the St Louis Cardinals. 

Now focusing on this season, the Braves will open the season against their division foe in New York, the Mets. This three game series will begin on July 24th, Friday and then end Sunday. The Mets team they will be facing is solid, however, Atlanta should have the offensive edge over New York.


The Nitty Gritty of Braves Schedule

Moving on to when the going gets tough for the Braves, and that’s a make or break 17 game stretch. Of those 17, Atlanta will face the defending champion Nationals, Phillies, Yankees, and Red Sox. Each of these teams will pose unique challenges for Atlanta this upcoming season. 

Starting with Washington, you have to find a way to get past their starters. That staff consists of four rock steady arms that proved their worth last campaign. Max Scherzer and Stephen Strasburg will be at the head of the rotation, and then you have the great talents of Anibal Sanchez and Patrick Corbin. The young Braves lineup will in turn have to get after them early, and work into their bullpen. 

Next, the Philadelphia Phillies, whose offense could pose a threat. Bryce Harper at the heart, then the streaky Rhys Hoskins, along with steady contributors JT. Realmuto and newly signed Didi Gregorius. This may be the only advantage however, as the Phillies look to be in trouble on the mound. I find it hard to believe that Philadelphia will get the best version of Aaron Nola this year, and Zack Wheeler is borderline on whether or not he’ll participate. The Phillies will have to rely on some lesser known options.


Rivalry Pair of Yankees and Red Sox

Beginning with New York, who the Braves face for just two games (Aug. 25th, 26th), before they pick back up with the Phillies. Everyone knows that, when healthy, the Yankees are one of the best in baseball. That alone will make for a tough pair of games for Atlanta. Newly added Gerrit Cole, arguably the best pitcher in baseball, will be the ace for the squad. Paired with the explosive offense of Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, Gary Sanchez, and the rising second basemen Gleyber Torres. 

The Boston Red Sox will play the Braves straight out of August and into September. For this three game series, Atlanta will see a relentless Boston team with young talent. Featuring Xander Bogarts, Andrew Benintendi, and veteran power hitter JD Martinez. Boston isn’t any slump on pitching either, as the team possesses the filthy Chris Sale, along with Nathan Eovaldi. These games in entirety will be a blast to watch.

The 2020 MLB can be described as one word in my eyes, elusive. It’s hard to find and at the same time, achieve. MLB is having trouble with COVID-19 testing and teams are frustrated for having to delay team practices due to awaiting results. It’s sad to say, but let’s all remember, with the positive tests and ongoing opt outs, MLB baseball is not for certain in 2020.

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