Breaking Down the 2020 Mets Schedule

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With the 2020 MLB season just a few weeks away, the Mets recently released their 60-game schedule. The Mets are expected to contend for the NL East crown this year. Here the breakdown of how the 2020 Mets match up with their opponents.

The Easy Parts

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The Mets get to face the Marlins 10 times and the Orioles four times. Both of those teams are expected to be basement dwellers and should make for some easy victories. They also face the Blue Jays three times and the Phillies 10 times. Those teams are a step up from the Marlins and Orioles, but neither are too threatening. The Mets can definitely take advantage of their weaker opponents, which will help them out in this short season.

The Tough Parts

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While facing lesser opponents 27 times is nice, the Mets have to play over half their games against some pretty formidable opponents. They have to play 10 games against the two-time reigning NL East champion Braves. While the Braves lost Josh Donaldson and may have to go without Freddie Freeman due to his COVID-19 diagnosis, they still are a dangerous team. In addition, the Mets are due to face the defending world champion Nationals 10 times, who are expected to contend once again. Additionally, they have to face the Red Sox four times, who still have a potent roster even without Mookie Betts.

The Toughest Part


Perhaps the hardest part of the schedule for the Mets is that they have to play six games against their crosstown rivals, the Yankees. The Bronx Bombers are the heavy favorite to win the American League pennant, and some have predicted that they will win the World Series. This puts the Mets at a big disadvantage, as the Nationals get to face the Orioles six times. In addition, the Mets have to face the very talented Rays for three games. The Rays were a playoff team a year ago and look like they will make it back there once again.


The Mets will have to beat some strong teams in order to make it into the playoffs. If they can play up to par against their divisional opponents while stealing some games against the AL East, the Mets will be in the hunt for October ball.

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