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Cleveland Browns Need to Move on From David Njoku Now

David Njoku wants out of playing for the Cleveland Browns. Should we have seen this coming? Probably. According to ESPN, it has been known for about a year now he wanted out. Now we know why the Browns wanted Austin Hooper. Some fans will say you don’t give him what he wants, and some may say if he does not want to be here, then trade him. He wants out, so take what you can get and move on. If the Browns had an established coaching staff and front office, it would be different. This young team needs players wholly bought in and ready to go.

Not that long ago, Njoku said he was excited about the season, and now his agent is saying he wants out. We don’t need that attitude in the locker room any longer. It is about commitment to making the entire organization better and working toward the same goal. Njoku is about wanting better for himself. Njoku has the talent and will likely be a nice player in the NFL, but his ability is not worth wasting time trying to convince him to stay in Cleveland.

What teams may have an interest in David Njoku?

David Njoku
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New York Jets

The Jets need offensive talent, and Njoku still has potential at only 23 years old. The move will not involve Jamal Adams. We can get off that train now. The Browns would have to shell out more assets along with a ton of money. That does not preclude the Jets and Browns finding a way to get Njoku in New York.

Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins have spent to improve this offseason but could still use help on offense. Njoku could be a solid option for whoever is at quarterback in 2020. They also have ten draft picks next year, so the assets are there to get him.

Arizona Cardinals

They have the wideouts to help Kyler Murray take it to the next level after the DeAndre Hopkins trade. Would they want a young talented tight end in the fold? It would be an intriguing addition. David Njoku’s athleticism in Kingsbury’s high flying offense could be just what the young tight end and his agent want.

Green Bay Packers

The Packers like to work with two tight ends, but have only old and limited options at the moment. David Njoku would jump right in as a starter and weapon for Aaron Rodgers. They have three fourth-round picks in 2021, so assets are there to make something happen.

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