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While I’m not sure how many of you may have MLB TV as your MLB content provider, those who do will certainly be happy. In light of the pandemic, MLB has decided to issue partial refunds to subscribers, while prorating their annual subscription to reflect a 60-game season.

I was rather surprised to open my email this morning and find a letter from MLB offering a partial refund. I figured it had to do with the new schedules, but never thought it would contain refund information, especially since subscribers had access to archived games and team videos.

Prorated Cost Information

For those with yearly subscriptions, the new price will be $45.18, a difference of $76.81 from your original price of $121.99. As a subscriber, you have the option to receive $76.81 as either a credit toward your 2021 subscription or as a 2020 partial refund. Subscribers are eligible to request a partial refund for their 2020 season subscription until August 31, 2020.

Per the email, “To receive a credit toward your 2021 subscription, there is no action required. A $76.81 credit will be applied to your 2021 subscription price on or around March 1, 2021 as part of annual renewals.”

For those MLB TV customers who want a partial refund for 2020, simply click here. MLB will begin issuing the partial refunds on July 31st. Refunds will be applied to the original form of payment (credit, debit).

For those contemplating a subscription, I can tell you, they’re great. You get every out of market game, and you can go back and watch any game you’d like for both the current season and previous year.

This year they’re also adding additional content such as documentaries, exclusive programming and World Series films.

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  • william jordan says:

    I have DISH TV due their failure to negotisate their contract with you I am unable to watch my SF gaints. Isaw the game on MLB CH.478 so purchased the sports package only to only to have you block the game.Why is it always about the money.I am very disappointed in Dish and the MLB for not being able to come to a resolution over this issue. Shame on both you. You act like two Kids that can’t spit the candy bar.And all of us have to pay. COMPRIMIZE!!!!!!!!!

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