Is Mike Trout Already a Hall of Famer

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It is no secret Mike Trout is the best player in baseball. But is Mike Trout already a Hall of Famer? To this point in his career, no one knows if Tout is a playoff player. That could change as the Angels keep getting better and grow as a team.

Career to Date

Mike Trout has played eight full seasons in Los Angeles, during all of which he has made the All-Star team. Through those eight seasons, Trout has never finished outside the top five in MVP voting, and he’s won the MVP Award three times. As well, he finished second in the MVP voting during his rookie season.

Aside from Trout’s outstanding accolades, he has strong statistics to back himself up. He has a career .305 batting average and a .419 on-base percentage. He also has 752 career runs batted in to go along with his 200 home runs. He has led the league in runs scored four times, totaling 903 thus far in his career.

Against the Greats

To this point in Trout’s career, his numbers stack up big against the baseball greats. His pace for hits, home runs, and runs score is quite legendary.

By the age of 28, the MLB all-time hit leader, Pete Rose, had 1,327 hits. Meanwhile, also now at age 28, Mike Trout is sitting at 1,324 hits. Although Mike Trout will not likely play into his mid-40’s as Rose did, he has a strong shot to finish the in the top five for all-time in hits.

Rickey Henderson had 940 runs scored at the age of 28, finishing his career at the top with 2,295. Mike Trout currently has 903 career runs. Like Pete Rose, Henderson also played into his mid-40’s, although his numbers would dip towards the end of his career. Trout has a fair shot to overcome Henderson, but many things will have to fall into place.

With 285 homers, Trout also stacks up against the home run king himself, Barry Bonds, who only had 222 home runs at the ripe old age of 28. Bonds did, in fact, have a power peak later in his career, and managed to mash a record 73 in one season. Although Trout will probably not be catching Bonds, he will also not likely make the same career decisions that Bonds did.

Is Mike Trout Already A Hall of Famer

With Mike Trout’s current accolades, statistics, and pace against the greats, he seems to have a legitimate shot at Cooperstown. But by the standards of the current fans, is Mike Trout already a Hall of Famer? Judging his stats, it seems as though Trout could walk off the field today and head straight into Cooperstown.

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