Padres 2020 Schedule Overview

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The San Diego Padres announced their modified regular season schedule on Monday, July 6th. Due to Covid-19, the 2020 season is starting late and each team will only play 60 games. They will play 40 division games and 20 non-division matchups. This schedule makes it possible for almost anything to happen. With the limited schedule, teams who might have not been playoff contenders in a normal season, might only need one hot streak to make it in. 

Padres Pennant?

Since the Padres are in the NL West, they will play the Dodgers, Rockies, Diamondbacks and Giants 10 times each. The other 20 games are played against the teams in the AL West. Under normal circumstances, the Dodgers would be favorites to win the NL West by a landslide. Even more so now that they have Mookie Betts added to an already loaded roster.  However, with the shortened season, the Padres will have a much better chance at competing with the Dodgers as they don’t have to go through the ups and downs of a long, 162 game season. With guys like Fernando Tatis jr., Manny Machado, and Eric Hosmer, the Padres might be able to outlast a lot of teams in a 60-game sprint of a season.

The most difficult part of their schedule starts July 31st and ends August 23rd. During this stretch, they have one day off and have to play the Dodgers seven times and the Astros three times. The Padres are going to need to capitalize on any chance they can against the Dodgers. Those seven games will be crucial if they are going to have any shot at making the playoffs.

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