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Here at Overtime Heroics MMA, we aim to provide the MMA community with the best and most up-to-date content from the world of Mixed Martial Arts. In this new series, we will be selecting random members of the Overtime Heroics team to join us on our Roundtable as we look ahead to the upcoming events.

This week’s questions:

  1. Who wins and how between Kamaru Usman and Jorge Masvidal?
  2. What does Max Holloway need to improve on to beat Volkanovski?
  3. Who wins and how between Petr Yan and Jose Aldo?
  4. Out of the entire UFC 251 card, which fight excites you the most and why?

Lewis Simpson (@LGS_MMA) – Director of MMA

  1. I’m going with Usman to win via decision in this one. Although, I’d happily welcome the upset. I feel a lot of people are giving Masvidal credit for stepping in on 6 days notice but yet nothing has been said about Usman. Usman has trained for a completely different style. He’s got it all to lose and still lay it all out there. It’s a win/win for Masvidal, an awkward fight for Usman with the hype and grit that Masvidal brings but we know Masvidal has struggled against wrestlers. I’m intrigued!
  2. Max Holloway needs to prepare for the leg kicks of Volkanovski. This was a huge factor in the first bout, with a load of leg kicks not being checked. They all eventually added up and shut down the movement and game-plan of Holloway.
  3. I’m going with Petr Yan in this one. It’s hard to look past Yan riding a nine-fight winning streak with four stoppages. The constant pressure and gruelling will to be champion will see him get this one. Although, I would never count Jose Aldo out. We know what he is capable of but we need to see if the weight cut was as easy as he says. Petr Yan – Decision.
  4. Man that’s tough. There’s so many. I’ll step away from the big bouts and go with Volkan Oezdemir vs Jiri Prochazaka. Prochazaka is the former Rizin Lightheavyweight Champion and makes his debut with a 10 fight win-streak behind him.

James Rees (@JamesRees83) – Co-Director of MMA

  1. I’m going for Masvidal to win in the 3rd round. I think he will use his stand-up experience and catch Usman and will be able to finish him off.
  2. I don’t feel Max needs to improve on anything specifically as I believe it was merely Volkanovski’s time last time out. Max has a good engine and is a crazy talent. If I’m being super critical, I would focus on a better suited game plan this time.
  3. I’m going with Aldo here, if he can tap into even a small amount of the talent he had back in the King Aldo WEC days, his talent and experience will be too much for Yan. Aldo via a very one-sided Unanimous Decision.
  4. Holloway vs Volkanovski is the fight I’m most looking forward to, it has potential to be a Fight of The Year contender. I’m also looking forward to the Early Prelims bout between Marcin Tybura and Alexandr Romanov, as I believe the latter is a star of the future.

Josh Feeney (@JFeen_MMA) – Head of UFC

  1. My head is telling me Usman, my heart is telling me Masvidal. I’m going to go with Masvidal to win by KO.
  2. That’s a tough one, Max fought the same way against Volkanovski as he did against everyone else he dominated during his reign. However, Volkanovski found a way to completely shut him down. I’d say the obvious answer is check kicks, maybe tap the chest to counter/interrupt a kick and throw shots behind it.
  3. I believe Aldo is going to win by decision.
  4. Aldo vs Yan excites me to no end, absolutely phenomenal fight, I’d love to see Aldo achieve another career-defining moment.

Dylan Thompson (@dylt_mma) – Head of Cage Warriors

  1. Personally, I can’t see anything but an Usman victory. It’s definitely a win/win for Masvidal and he could very well lay on an upset but my head is telling me Usman will grind out a decision victory.
  2. I think Max needs to work on checking those leg-kicks from Volkanovski, otherwise he’s going to find himself in a whole heap of trouble. I really want to see Max regain the title but after hearing he has just been training via Zoom, I think it’s going to be a tough night of him.
  3. Although Yan is riding a nine-fight winning streak, I just don’t think he’s ever faced anybody with the ability that Jose Aldo possesses. I believe Aldo is going to outclass his opponent on his way to a decisive unanimous decision victory.
  4. Yan vs Aldo is fight I’m most excited for at this event. I think this fight has a real violent potential and I’m all for it. Aldo is a legend and Yan is riding a nine fight win streak, what more could you want?

Aditya Sridhar (@thegoolisridhar) – UFC Writer

  1. Usman dominates Jorge 50-45, making him work with his wrestling and highly significant striking output.
  2. The biggest story of their first meeting was Volkanovski’s hard leg kicks. He chopped down Max’s legs completely slowing down his movement. Max needs to make some adjustments in regards to checking the kicks and also throwing some of his own if he wants to regain his throne.
  3. I have Jose Aldo winning the Bantamweight title against Petr Yan. This is going to be a close fight and will come down to Jose’s superior striking, if Jose can manage his cardio, I see him out-striking Yan and winning via decision.
  4. The Yan vs Aldo fight excites me the most. 5 rounds of high-level striking with a belt on the line, it doesn’t get much better than that. Yan has been on a tear recently and Aldo looks healthy and rejuvenated at 135.

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