Blue Jays to Add Austin Martin to 60-Man Roster

The Blue Jays are set to add Austin Martin to their 60-man roster. Manager Charlie Montoyo all but confirmed Martin’s arrival on the 60-man roster, saying, “I am looking forward to seeing him play, take BP, catch ground balls and do everything.”

The best pure hitter from the draft. Martin is able to understand the strike zone extremely well. To compliment understanding of the strike zone, Martin can put the ball anywhere in the field.


Martin has not played a single inning at short. However, Martin has played third base, second, and center field. As I said in my previous article, I expect Martin to take most of his reps in center field. With a clogged infield, the outfield will be Martin’s quickest way to the Major League. While his arm is still in question, his speed and ability to field the ball makes him an ideal candidate for center field. When asked, Martin said he has, “no preference” on what position he begins his pro career at.

Will he play?

The possibility of seeing Martin on the field this year is almost zero. With the Minor League season cancelled, the only reps Martin will be able to take will be with the taxi squad. However, being able to meet and work with the young core of the Jays will prove wonders when he does reach the show.


Martin will make his Blue Jays debut in late 2022. Though this season he will not see the field, it should not derail his arrival or his development too much. Having the ability to be around the big league roster and getting to know the culture of the team will put him on track. Given his highly touted ability to understand the strike zone, his ability to work counts, and pepper the ball across the field, his hitting should come quickly. However, what is holding him back are lack of the reps in the field and his arm grade. Time in the minors will fix this, and sooner rather than later, he will be in the show.

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