Inside Player Minds as MLB Clashes with Covid-19


It’s been one week since MLB has called teams back to the field to begin practice. Everyone has opinions, and that narrative amplifies as COVID-19 clashes with the league. It’s the little things that many players are learning not to take for granted. Simple congratulation gestures such as high-fives or butt-taps aren’t allowed. “We’re going to be setting an example for the country as well. You want to set that good example. It might not happen all the time.” Kyle Schwarber said to ESPN

It’s not only predicted, but expected that players occasionally will forget to follow guidelines. Spitting was also announced as “illegal” in MLB this season. Players are now questioning how that is even possible in baseball, as it goes right along with the sport. The safety rules and social distancing are being taken seriously around the league. However, they don’t come without hardships for each and every one of MLB players. 


One for All in MLB Teams

Baseball, as well as all sports, feels the need to have camaraderie for each other. That’s the thing players around the league are expressing their frustration about. This frustration obviously comes with understanding, however, the players as a whole are experiencing a hole in the game. 

The daily routines are normal, it’s the new requirements that get to the players. Wearing a mask while working out indoors has been tough for blatant reasons. On top of that, the normal routines that make up practice are strict on time limits. Each player is given specific times when a trainer’s office is open for them, or even when their time on the field is needed. 


Despite these setbacks for the game, players are excited to get to see each other again. Everyone feels the importance of getting baseball back as safely as possible. The fans can certainly back that up, with full throttle.

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