76ers Using Ben Simmons in a New Role

Per team reports, 76ers head coach, Brett Brown, has been using Ben Simmons exclusively at power forward during team practices. Lineups with Simmons at power forward consists of either Shake Milton or Josh Richardson at point guard. 

While it’s certainly interesting, I don’t love the idea of putting Ben Simmons at the four. Besides his elite defense, Simmons’ best ability is his playmaking and passing ability. Moving him to power forward takes the ball out of his hands. 

Another thing to consider is how that affects other players in the 76ers’ rotation. Al Horford would come off the bench, and likely see limited action. While Horford has struggled this season, he’s a better option than having Raul Neto come off the bench to play backup point guard minutes. 

The one significant upside to having Simmons at power forward is that he won’t have as much pressure on him to shoot. It also opens up more opportunities for pick ‘n roll plays alongside Joel Embiid. However, I believe Simmons needs to be at the point for this team to succeed. His playmaking ability is simply too valuable for the team to take the ball out of his hands. 

With the NBA season coming back on July 31st, it will be interesting to see how Brett Brown utilizes his players. 

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