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Week 1 of Raiders Players on your Fantasy Team: QB

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For this series, I will be breaking down Raiders players you should look out for in your 2020 fantasy football league. Fantasy numbers will be based on a 10 man PPR standard scoring.

Derek Carr 2019 

Derek Carr finished 16th among quarterbacks last season, averaging 15.3 points per game. Carr was only rostered in 5.8 percent of leagues, and his lack of consistency and production are factors of that. I could go on about Carr’s season however there simply is not enough to support that Carr is a considerable QB1 after his 2019 season.

Derek Carr 2020

Going into next season Carr is projected 209 fantasy points. This is 35 less than the 244 he put up last season. Even with some key new additions at WR, there is very little upside for Carr. He just simply hasn’t been able to consistently put up numbers worth a starting role in a fantasy lineup. Carr will most likely go undrafted in the majority of 2020 fantasy football league. However, this certainly does not mean disregard him completely. If you find your team in a situation where multiple Quarterbacks are on a bye week or injured, Carr can be a top pick on the waiver wire. I would warn anyone starting him immediately, but against a struggling defense, he may be worth the risk.

Marcus Mariota 2019 (Titans)

Marcus Mariota has certainly not lived up to the hype of a second overall selection. However, part of this is that he is yet to have a sufficient role in a strong offense. When given a chance in the first 5 games of the season, Mariota averaged 17 points per game (better than Carr’s whole season average). It is hard to say how Mariota would have compared to Carr last season on two different teams. Overall, Carr’s average play throughout the season does make Mariota an interesting asset for the Raiders in the 2020 season.

Marcus Mariota 2020

If no drastic changes are made between now and the start of next season, we can expect Derek Carr to be the Raiders starter for week 1. This does not mean Mariota still can not have some value. Even with minimal snaps, Mariota has shown he can be just as productive fantasy-wise as Carr. While Mariota certainly should not be filling up a bench spot for your team, if Carr is to get hurt or under perform, Mariota has the chance to be a considerable QB1 in a favorable match up.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for my next article where I will be talking fantasy running backs on the Raiders!

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