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The Washington Nationals have the most pressure they’ve ever had, as for the first time ever they are the defending World Series champions. They lost their star hitter and best player in Anthony Rendon, but they still have a good team. The Nationals are going to have a relatively tough schedule as they are going to face teams above .500 in 2019 40 times, with 27 of them against the Mets, Braves, Yankees, and Rays, who are all World Series contenders.

With a tough as nails schedule, how will the Washington Nationals record projection look?

Record Projection Against the AL East

Baltimore Orioles51
Boston Red Sox21
New York Yankees12
Tampa Bay Rays22
Toronto Blue Jays31

Overall I have this team going 13-7 against the American League East. The projected record for the Washington Nationals looks good so far. I had them losing their regular season series match-up with the Yankees, but everyone else? I think they tie with the Rays and then take a lot of games from the luck of facing the Orioles 6 times, the Blue Jays 4 times, and the Red Sox (who are weaker than last year) 4 times.

The real question is, how will the Washington Nationals do in their own division?

Record Projection Against the NL East

Atlanta Braves64
Miami Marlins82
New York Mets46
Philadelphia Phillies73

The Washington Nationals are going to go 25-15 in their division, as they are going to beat the Braves and Phillies in their 10 game sets which were the key matchups. I had the Mets beating the Nats because last year they did a number on the Nats going 12-7 against DC. The Marlins I have getting blown out essentially by the Nationals as they went a measly 4-15 against the Nationals last season. This has the Nationals at 38-22, which should be enough to get into the playoffs if not win the division.

There’s no better projector than the MLB season itself, so at the end of the regular season we can see if we are right or not. My record projection for the Washington Nationals may not be perfect, but I think I’m close.

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