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Giants Offense Looks to Make Big Splash With Jason Garrett

Let’s take a moment to look back at the 2016 Dallas Cowboys. Jason Garrett is head coach, rookie Dak Prescott is starting at quarterback and rookie Ezekiel Elliott is starting at running back. Prescott is just 23 and Zeke is only 21. During that season, the Cowboys finish with a 13-3 record and obviously make the playoffs. In addition, Dak won rookie of the year and both Dak and Zeke got selected to the pro bowl.

Fast forward to the 2019 Cowboys. The Cowboys don’t do as well and finish at just 8-8. Despite this, the offense has yet another great year. Dak has his best year statistically yet isn’t selected to the pro bowl surprisingly. Zeke turns in another amazing season and is selected to his third pro bowl in four years. 

New team, same situation

This all may seem completely irrelevant to the Giants at first glance. However, there are actually some large similarities between the 2016 Cowboys and the upcoming 2020 Giants. The Giants have 23-year-old Daniel Jones at quarterback who just finished a decent rookie year. At running back, the Giants have one of the best players in football, 23-year-old Saquon Barkley. 

Jason Garett got fired from a team where he took a young quarterback with potential, and made him a pro bowler. Garrett also had one of the best running backs in the game at his disposal. Now in New York as the offensive coordinator, he has the same setup. Daniel Jones has shown that he has talent and can succeed. With the right coaching, Jones could very well be a pro bowler in the near future.  Saquon Barkley currently is one of the best in the league and is a force to be reckoned with. Jason Garett sure won’t be complaining knowing he has him on his side.

Jason Garett is no in a very similar situation that he had seen in Dallas. He has proven that he can help develop a young quarterback and help him reach his potential. Giants fans should be rejoicing knowing that he very well could do the same with Jones. In the four years that Garrett coached Dak, Dak made 2 pro bowls, threw for 97 touchdowns and over 15,700 yards. It is clear as day that Garrett knows what he is doing with a young talent. 

Garret"s Offensive Success

The biggest strength for the Giants is no doubt Saquon. There is no doubt he is the best player on that team. When he is playing well, generally so does the team. Garrett seems to be a fan of running the ball. During the four years that Garrett had Zeke as his running back, the Cowboys had the following ranks for percent of run plays called. 2016 they ranked 1st, 2017 they ranked 3rd, 2018 they ranked 10th and 2019 they ranked 12th. The four seasons that Garrett had Zeke at running back, they ran the ball often. This would bode well for the Giants and Barkley. Garett would definitely play to our strengths and give us our best chance at winning. 

The offense in Dallas since 2007, Garret"s first season as offensive coordinator, has ranked in the top half of the league 10 out of 13 seasons. Additionally, in Garretts six seasons as offensive coordinator, the offense only ranked bellow 16th once. They even ranked in the top 10, twice. In 2007 they ranked 2nd and in 2010 they ranked 7th. From 2013 to 2019 Garrett was the head coach for the Cowboys. In those seven seasons, the offense was ranked in the top half of the league five times. One of the times they ranked in the bottom half was in 2015. Cowboys then star quarterback Tony Romo got injured that season and missed all but four games. This was obviously a crushing blow for the Cowboys and they had a terrible season that year. 


The important thing to notice here is that when Garrett is coaching, the offense generally thrives. Jason Garrett knows how to get an offense going. More importantly, he knows how to play to a team’s strengths. Garrett is the arguably perfect fit for the offensive coordinator for the Giants. He knows how to develop a young quarterback with talent and knows how to run an offense effectively and efficiently. The Giants seemed poised to have great success on offense this upcoming season, with Jason Garrett calling the plays, a healthy Saquon and an improved Daniel Jones. Do not sleep on Garrett and this 2020 Giants offense. 

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