BREAKING: Yasiel Puig Tests Positive For COVID-19


Yasiel Puig, the somewhat (OK… exceptionally) eccentric outfielder, has now tested positive for COVID-19. Puig had just signed with the Atlanta Braves, however, that deal was pending a physical.

Puig was tested for the coronavirus as part of the physical. After showing a positive result, his pending contract was void. Puig is now a free agent once again. Easy come, easy go.

After his stint with the Dodgers from 2013-2018, Puig was traded to the Reds, then subsequently wound up in Cleveland for the remainder of 2019. , Puig held out for what he thought he was worth, after being granted free agency after last season, much as Craig Kimbrel, Bryce Harper and others did prior to the 2019 season. The problem is, nobody showed any interest, until he finally struck the deal with Atlanta.

The Braves could have waived the positive result and waited out the time it took for Puig to test negative. Players who test positive are forced to quarantine for 14 days, then subsequently test negative twice before returning. With the season starting in just over a week, the Braves opted to pass.

On a positive note, the Braves do say that Freddie Freeman is now able to return to the team, after he too had tested positive for the virus.

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