James Harden Discusses Mask Controversy


James Harden arrived at the Orlando bubble earlier this week after being delayed due to family issues. Harden cleared the quarantine protocol and practice with the team yesterday.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the top story as the Houston Rockets posted a picture of James Harden masked up.


The particular mask Harden wore is synonymous with “Blue Live Matter”. Harden was asked about the mask and if he was making a political statement.

For anyone that has followed Harden or reported on him since entering the league, they know Harden is very focal on political issues. Harden is not the type of player you will see at a protest or taking a strong stance one way or another. Even though Harden did comment on the recent protest that took place in Houston.

With Harden explanation and his usually quiet stance on anything outside of sports we will see if this story goes on beyond the next couple of weeks.


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