Khan Still Wants Pacquiao…Or Any Other Pre-Retirement Payday

Amir Khan wants two more paydays before retirement…and they need to be of the blockbuster variety.

In an interview with BT Sport, the former Olympic silver medalist and ex-junior welterweight titlist covered a wide range of subjects, most related to his desire to score money fights before calling it a career.

Khan Eager for Big Fights

“I’m itching to go because I wanted to get my last few fights out of the way, and then call it a day and walk away from the sport. I am getting a little bit older.

“I’m 33 now. I wanted to get a couple of fights this year, but now the whole year is almost gone, and I’ve had no fights. I’d definitely like to mix it with the top guys. I’ve been in the top 10 in the world for the last 12 years.”

The UK fighter from Bolton would namedrop a laundry list of big names during the interview. He mentioned his desire to fight Danny Garcia and Keith Thurman. The former titlist also laid the blame on British rival Kell Brook for the inability to put together a Khan-Brook UK superfight. He even talked about a desire to meet Conor McGregor in a blockbuster boxing contest. And, of course, Manny Pacquiao was prominently mentioned as well.

“I’d Love a Pacquiao Fight”

“I’m not going to chase it,” Khan said about a fight against Pacquiao. “If it falls into my lap, then I’ll take it. What a fight that would be. There’s so much we can talk about in that fight because we trained together, and we sparred over 300 or 400 rounds of sparring with each other.

“We know each other quite well. Yeah, man, I’d love that fight. I think I know a lot about him, and he knows a lot about me. That would be another good one, but if it happens…There’s always been talk about it, but it’s never seemed to materialize.”

He also addressed the rumors of him being knocked down in sparring by the Filipino icon.

“Pacquiao Never Knocked Me Down”

“That was nonsense,” Khan explained.  “I was never put down by Manny Pacquiao…We hurt each other in sparring. Manny didn’t spar anyone that was as quick as me, and that could move that well and the height as well. I was a lot taller than him. At the same time, I never fought anyone as quick as Manny Pacquiao and could move like him.”

For Money, Legacy, or Both?

Some would argue that Khan has been less about legacy and more about paydays for the last several years of his career. His illogical climb to face middleweight Saul Alvarez and a bout with Terence Crawford, which he admits he took while nursing an elbow injury, sort of prove that claim.

His dogged pursuit of bouts with the top stars can be seen in one of two ways. Either he’s just about the paydays and doesn’t really care if he wins. Or he’s actually hell-bent on finishing his career with a chance at claiming legacy-defining victories.

Maybe it’s both.

Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and let him finish out his career the way he wants.

Paul Magno
Paul Magno has over forty years of experience in and around the sport of boxing and has had his hand in everything, from officiating to training. As a writer, his work has appeared in several online publications, including Yahoo Sports, Fox Sports, FightHype, Max Boxing,, Inside Fights, The Boxing Tribune, The Queensberry Rules, and Premier Boxing Champions. You can reach him at:

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