The Return of Yoenis Céspedes


The last time we saw Yoenis Céspedes on an MLB field was July 20th, 2018. His return has been nothing on people’s radar for a long time. Especially for Mets fans who now have the likes of Pete Alonso to aid their lineup. When looking back at the Céspedes we last saw, it’s easy to see why Mets enthusiasts and everyday baseball fans are anxiously awaiting.

Health is Key

Céspedes’ return is in the hands of his personal health. However if that is finally clear, New York has themselves their former centerpiece back. The left fielder burst onto Citi Field in 2015, and for three straight years, never let his average drop below .280. He made the All-Star roster in 2016, which was his best season to date.

Sticking with 2016, Céspedes hit 31 homers and knocked in 86 RBIs. Yoenis is also amongst the best when it comes to hitting the low ball. Since his Mets debut, only David Ortiz has a higher slugging percentage when mashing low pitches. In today’s spin heavy pitching, that skill certainly could again prove faithful for Céspedes.

What Does It Mean for the Mets?

Gaining a healthy Céspedes would mean the world to the Mets. Formerly their centerpiece, Yoenis was their clear-cut star, aside from starter Jacob DeGrom. He wouldn’t have to bear that role now, as Alonso can anchor the lineup. When healthy, I view him as a rock solid player, similar to Marcell Ozuna.

The potential upside to his comeback is always a factor as well. At age 34, Cespedes making an All-Star appearance is unclear in the future. I believe New York is fine with a rock steady bat that always has the possibility of power. Personally, I can’t wait to see how he does with this modified 2020 MLB season.

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