Ranking NBA City Jerseys: Part 1 of 2

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Every year Nike makes one new jersey for almost every team in the NBA. Nike calls these “City Edition” jerseys, the city edition jerseys are meant to show respect for every team’s city. This season there was only one team that did not have a city jersey, that team was the Memphis Grizzlies. Although the Grizzlies didn’t have city jerseys this year they are one of the few teams that had throwback jerseys. There are some really cool uniforms and some that just didn’t work out. I will be ranking all of the city edition jerseys from 30-16 in here and then 15-1 in my next article. 

30. Dallas Mavericks

Coming in last for me were the Dallas Mavericks city jerseys. I think that the colors of this jersey do not go very well together. I liked the idea of the graffiti style font but I don’t think it turned out that well. 

29. Charlotte Hornets

For me, this jersey is really boring and I don’t really like the gray as the primary color. Another thing that I don’t love about this jersey is the name on the front. The “CHA” does not look that good and is frankly very bland. This jersey would look a lot nicer if they had instead put the hornet logo on the front of the jersey rather than “CHA’’. They could also improve the jersey by changing the main color to something instead of gray.

28. Cleveland Cavaliers 

On the Cavs city jersey I actually really like the color choice they made, but the “Cle” on the front of the jersey does not look good at all in my opinion. I don’t really like it when teams put their abbreviation as the wordmark on the jersey, it looks a lot nicer when teams use either their nickname, real name, city name or logo. Another thing I don’t like that much are the multicolored lines on the side of the jersey. I would like them a lot more if they just used either two colors or even one color on the side.

27. Milwaukee Bucks

The cream color of these jerseys in my opinion does not look that good with the green lettering. I do like the “Cream City” on the front of the jerseys, I like how they used a nickname for Milwaukee. I think it would be cool if other teams did this, although the name is cool, I think these jerseys would look a lot nicer if they used a different font. 

26. Sacramento Kings

Coming in at 26 I have the Kings city jerseys. I like the red on these jerseys but I wish it was all red and didn’t have the white on the top. I also don’t like the “SacTown” wordmark, this jersey would have looked a lot nicer if they used their logo on the front instead.

25. San Antonio Spurs

San Antonio brought back the same jerseys they used last season. I like how San Antonio used their logo on the front of these jerseys but the camo makes the jerseys have too much going on and it’s hard to see the logo. I also don’t really like how the number is above the logo and that the logo looks a little bit off-center. If they had switched the logo and number’s positions I would have ranked these jerseys higher.

24. Indiana Pacers

I like how they positioned the name on the front of the jerseys but I don’t like how the background of the stripe is checkered. These would look a lot better if the stripe was all blue or all black. I also don’t think the circle around the number was necessary and it doesn’t look great. 

23. Oklahoma City Thunder 

Last season I thought the Thunder had some of the best city jerseys out of any team with the light blue jerseys, but this season the jersey just falls short. The gold stripes on the side of the jersey don’t look that good and I wish they just had “OKC” on the front because right now I don’t really like how “Oklahoma” is curved but “City” is straight, I also don’t like the words right on top of each other. 

22. Phoenix Suns

A lot of people have ranked the Sun’s city jersey way higher than I did. I like how the orange outline on the name looks on the black jersey but the purple on the sleeves is something that I don’t like very much. The “LOS SUNS” on the front of the jersey looks really nice and I like it a lot but the two words are too close together and it looks like one word. I would like this jersey more if the sleeves were all orange and the “LOS SUNS’’ was spaced out better.

21. Minnesota Timberwolves 

The simplicity of this jersey is something that I really like. I like how they are not trying to fit in a lot of little details and are just making it simple. But the problem that I have with the Timberwolves city jerseys is the light blue color. I like almost everything else on the jersey but the light blue does not look good at all. If the Wolves had decided to put a darker blue or even white as the main color this jersey could be in the top 10. I like the “MSP” on the front of the jersey, which honors the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metro area, but I think they could have made the font of the letters a little bit more interesting. Overall this is not a bad jersey, just don’t love it.

20. New York Knicks 

These jerseys are not that bad but I wish the stripes on the sleeve were the same size as the stripes on the side. I also think these jerseys would look better with a more interesting front of the jersey. It would look cool if New York had made the name on the front of the jersey the same as the stripes on the side.

19. Washington Wizards

These jerseys are overall pretty cool but I think that Washington would have made the front of the jerseys more interesting instead of just white. I like the dc logo on the front and I like the USA flag on the side but I would like these jerseys even more if the main color was another color besides white.

18. New Orleans Pelicans

New Orleans was one of the couple of teams that brought back the same city jersey from last season. I like the Mardi Gras theme of the jerseys but I wish they changed the number on the front of the jersey to white to match with the rest of the jerseys. One thing that I wish that they did was use a different font for the numbers and names.

17. Detroit Pistons 

I like the “Motor City” on the front of the jersey a lot and I like the red color on the jersey but I wish they had not put the blue stripes on the jersey. Without those stripes, these jerseys would be ranked a lot higher than they are now.

16. Memphis Grizzlies

Even though Memphis doesn’t actually have city jerseys this season I included their throwback jerseys. I like the color of the jerseys and I like the sleeve design a lot but I don’t like the logo on the front that much.

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