Thanks For Nothing, ESPN

I waited for four months to finally see baseball again. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t at all impressed with the Cubs-Sox game on Sunday night. The Cubs loss was ugly, but ESPN gets a big “Thanks for nothing” in my book.

First of all, I’m tired of Chipper Jones, Rick Sutcliffe and Jon Sciambi turning the ballgame into a sideshow. All they do is talk about their glory days, and Sciambi doesn’t have many. People complain that Cubs’ announcers Len Kasper and Jim Deshaies talk too much, but they have nothing compared to the ESPN trio. To make matters worse, I got to look at all three of their faces throughout the game. Due to the side panel, it ended up consuming about 20% of my new 65” TV, bought specifically to see ballgames.

Hey! There’s a Game Going on…

Make no mistake, Chipper and the Red Baron were both great in their prime, but those war stories have long since played out. It was nice, however, to see them occasionally comment on the game being played, even if I was totally distracted by their chat-a-thon.

Why in the world do I care about Sutcliffe’s bobblehead collection? Did I really need to hear a five-minute dissertation on how Chipper Jones’ green jacket resembled something a golfer would win at the Masters? And I don’t know what in the hell that little award Sciambi held up was. Then again, I don’t care. Nope. I’d have much rather heard them talking about the game at hand. To make matters worse, their faces were imposed on the right column of the screen, nonstop, for all nine innings.

Then there was the lack of the fans in the seats. Granted, teams like Pittsburgh and Miami had similar amounts of open seats prior to the pandemic. Wrigley Field, though? The Friendly Confines are always worth 38,000 plus. It was just weird. It may not have been so bad had they piped in the fan noises. Then again, you’d have never heard them over Sciambi’s nonstop rhetoric.

Speaking of Sciambi, what in the hell did he do to his face? Serious question- was this a botched plastic surgery or something?

Jon Boog Sciambi and Rick Satcliffe 5.19
2019 Season
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Tighten Up, Please

ESPN, you were always a leader in sports coverage. Anymore, though? It’s like some sort of weird combination between a male version of “The View,” mixed in with a dash of Conan O’Brien. If these guys are going to cover nationally televised games, do us all a favor – talk about the freakin’ game. Word of advice: Be part of the scenery and not part of the scene.

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Ken Allison, Baseball Dept Head
Ken Allison is the senior of two MLB Department Heads, as well as a writer and editor for Overtime Heroics. A life-long MLB fan, he's also written for CubsHQ and had the opportunity to try out for the Chicago Cubs in 1986.

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