The Night The Sports World Stopped

It seems like a distant memory. March 11th, the night the sports world stopped. It seemed liked your typical Wednesday night. The 4 seed Utah Jazz were getting ready for a huge game in Oklahoma City against the 5 seed Thunder. We had heard that Gobert was going to miss the game due to being sick but no of us understood just what he had and the impact it would have on America.

March 11th, The Night the Sports World Stopped

We go to 6:55, just before tip-off. The players are out warming up when all of a sudden these guys in suits sprint onto the court. Mitchell said he thought it was the FBI. It was at then that they found out about Gobert. The refs did some talking with the coaches and the doctors and they called Adam Silver who decided at that moment to suspend the season. The Jazz players were then taken to the locker room where they were tested. That next morning is when we find out Mitchell also had it.

Season set to Return

It seems like this was so long ago but here we are with the season set to resume in 9 days. Not one of us could of projected it would of been in the fashion it will be. The Jazz open with a game against the New Orleans Pelicans, who may be missing Zion Williamson due to a family emergency. Will the chemistry still be there? That’s the real question. We know how the players were mad at Gobert because of how he didn’t take the virus serious, but will that affect the team in Orlando? We will have to find out next week.

It’s crazy to think that we are only 4 months removed from the night the sports world stopped. Basketball soon returns in a fashion which will be very interesting to see. Will the sports world be affected forever? I actually have no idea the answer to that question. All I know is it is our job as a fan to do our part and that means wash your hands, stay 6 feet away from people and please wear a mask. If we do this this will help in the long run to bring the world back to where it was.

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