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After a long lay off hockey is almost back. With the Canucks getting ready to hit the ice for the play-in round, fans are wondering who will be the Canucks playoffs X-factors? With many studs on the team, there are endless options for the Canucks to succeed.

Jacob Markstrom

Arguably the Canucks MVP the past few seasons.  When Jacob Markstrom is on his game, he is a top tier goalie and the team will need him to be just that, in order to make a run. Although Markstrom has no playoff experience, he has spent many years as the Canucks backbone. If he can string together a solid amount of quality starts the Canucks will do damage in the West.

Brock Boeser

Whether or not Brock Boeser is on the trading block is still to be determined. But for now, he is a Canucks and he is healthy. When Boeser is healthy and on the top line with Elias Pettersson and the duo is magic. If Boeser can stay healthy, keep the rumor mill in check, and stay beside Pettersson, the Canucks top line should not have any problems producing.

Zack MacEwen

Zack MacEwen is not guaranteed a roster spot but if he makes it into the roster, he will be somewhere in the bottom six. Although MacEwen has played less than 25 games in the NHL he has shown plenty of heart on the ice. His speed and physicality would bring a big boost to the Canucks as a whole. MacEwen has the type of spark plug energy to fire up the whole squad.

The Canucks are in a good spot to compete. Markstrom will be manning the crease and if he can keep his health in check, chances the Canucks make a deep run are high. As for Boeser, he is in the same boat as Markstrom, if he can stay healthy, he will give a jolt to the offense. MacEwen is arguably the hardest working player on the team. If he gets the ice time he deserves he will be the biggest Canucks X-factors during this year’s playoffs.

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