Ranking NBA City Jerseys: Part 2 of 2

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Every year Nike makes one new jersey for almost every team in the NBA. Nike calls these “City Edition” jerseys, the city edition jerseys are meant to show respect for every team’s city. In part one, I ranked the jerseys from 30 to 16 and in this part I will be ranking the jerseys from 15 to one.

15. Los Angeles Lakers

These jerseys are just too basic for me and they remind me a lot of their icon jersey. I really like the stars on the side of the jersey and I like how they switched the colors on the name and numbers.

14. Boston Celtics

Considering Boston has some of the best home and away jerseys ever it is always hard for them to make a jersey better than that. This season I like the main color of the jerseys and the gold lettering but the font brings these jerseys down a lot.

13. Houston Rockets

The font that Houston used on these jerseys look really nice and I like the colors of the jersey a lot too. I don’t really like the “H-TOWN” on the front of the jersey but it’s not that bad. I think it would look cooler if it had said something else on the front of the jersey.

12. Portland Trail Blazers

I really like the “RipCity” on the front of the jersey and I like the color that they used for the main color but I wish the sides and sleeves of the jersey were more interesting.

11.  Brooklyn Nets

This season Brooklyn kept the colorful sleeve and side design but changed the main color of the jersey to white. I personally liked the black better but the white also looks pretty nice. I also like the “Bed-Stuy” on the front of the jersey which represents the neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant.

10. Golden State Warriors 

I really like the logo on the front of the jersey and I like how it says “The Town” I also like how the number is at the bottom of the tree. The only thing that I don’t like about these jerseys is the gray outline on the collar and sides of the jersey. One thing that might look cool is if they changed the black main color to white or blue.

9. Orlando Magic

I really like the colors on the Magic’s jersey, I think that the orange looks really nice on the grey jersey. The only thing I wish they did differently was made the name on the front say “Orlando” not “ORL”. Either way, I really like these jerseys and I hope they use some parts of this jersey next season.

8. Toronto Raptors

In eighth place, I have the Toronto Raptors city jerseys. The gold lettering looks really nice on the black jersey and the “Toronto” across the front of the jersey also looks really nice. The only thing that I would change is taking off the design above the name on the back of the jersey. 

7. Los Angeles Clippers

I really like the font that the Clippers used on these jerseys, I also really like the red and blue sleeve trim. I wish that LA had used a different font on the numbers on the jersey to look more like the name on the front. 

6. Chicago Bulls

The colors that the Bulls used on this jersey look really cool and I think that the big bull logo on the front also looks pretty nice. In my opinion, I think it would be cool if they had added some black into the logo on the front.

5. Utah Jazz

This season Utah brought back the same beloved jersey that they used last season. I really like the red rock-inspired colors, one thing that they could do to maybe make these jerseys even better is to change the trim color to white to make the jersey pop out more.

4. Denver Nuggets

I think that the city outline looks really nice on the rainbow stripe that goes across the jersey. I also like the white trim on the top of the jersey. The only thing I would do to this jersey is make the number on the front a little bit smaller and move the city outline up a bit.

3. Philadelphia 76ers

I really like the simplicity of this jersey and I think the font that they used looks really nice. The blue and red trim makes this jersey top 3 in the league. 

2. Atlanta Hawks

When teams use a nickname for their city on the front of their jersey I think it’s really cool. I also like the pink outline of all the names and numbers. The black jersey also looks really nice especially with the pink and white.

The Champion: Miami Heat

In my opinion the best city jersey this season was the Heat’s Miami Vice city jersey. I really like the blue jersey and the pink trim, numbers, and name look really nice on it. I also like the font that they used for the name on the front of the jersey. Hopefully Miami makes more jerseys like this in the future.

I think that the NBA should definitely keep making city jerseys for each team for years to come. It will be interesting to see if Nike and the NBA ever make earned edition jerseys again. The earned edition jerseys were made for the teams that qualified for the playoffs in the last season and they replicated the city jersey. I think that jerseys are a big part of the game and that we will hopefully see a lot more cool jersey designs in the future.

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