Rob Manfred Won’t Be Leaving Baseball Anytime Soon


After months of futility in MLB, people were calling for Rob Manfred to lose his job. This is wishful thinking if you think Rob Manfred is bad for baseball. As much as you may dislike Manfred, in the end what you or I believe won’t matter. Even for players, what they say won’t matter much either. Rob Manfred has played to keep his job well, as he’s pandered to the people who can take his job: the owners.

Playing to Those With Power

Rob Manfred acted only in the owners’ best interest as the power to remove or select a new commissioner lies with them. There is no accountability held to the owners, unlike the players. If you piss off Mike Trout it doesn’t matter, however if you piss off the owners, you’re screwed. Rob Manfred is only going to make happy those who can take his job, so don’t expect a change.

He’s a pro-owner commissioner, so when there are disputes between the players and owners he’s always on the owners’ side

Rob Manfred Has His Job Secured

After the owners got the short season with minimal revenue loss and reduced salaries, they’re going to be very happy. They had their commissioner essentially tell fans and players that they don’t get a say in this. With the owners in total control and perfectly content, they will have no problem bringing Manfred back after 2024, as he’s acted in their best interest.

This is EXACTLY what Rob Manfred wants, as there’s no other party involved in selecting a commissioner. We can complain and disapprove all we want and he still won’t care. The fans, the players, the media, they have absolutely no say in this process; so why would he care?

Killing the Sport of Baseball

This system of picking commssioners who only care for the approval of owners who are so disassociated with their players is asinine. Rob Manfred called the WORLD SERIES TROPHY just “a piece of metal”. How do you think Barry Bonds, Ken Griffey Jr, or Ted Williams felt about never getting that “piece of metal”? He never has to care about the players in his league, as he won’t be going anywhere. In the end, it’s the owners are who get a say, and so it’ll be the owners who are left satisfied.

Rob Manfred will do anything to be the commissioner of baseball, even if it means killing fan interest.

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