Baltimore: The City No One is Talking About


In my opinion, Baltimore is one of the most slept on cities for basketball. We all hear about New York, California, and a little bit of Chicago. In this article, I will talk about how Baltimore is just as good or even better than those cities.

The Past

In the 1981-82 season Dunbar,a high school team in Baltimore, had one of the best rosters in recent memory. The roster contained, Tyrone”Mugsy” Bogues, Reggie Lewis, Reggie Williams, and David Wingate. All three players played in the NBA which is crazy. Mugsy and David played for the charlotte Hornets, Reggies Lewis was with the Celtics, and Reggie Williams played for the Clippers. Unfortunately, Reggie Lewis’ terrific NBA carrer was cut short due to tragic in-game heart attack when he was with the Celtics.

Most people know Mugsy Bogues as being on of the shortest players ever, but don’t let that stat fool you because his game was on another level!

Reggie Willams would go on to have a solid NBA carrer. This team was the super team before super teams. They even made a book about them. Correct me if I’m wrong, but in the 80’s I don’t think there was another starting lineup that had three former NBA players on it. This roster had a better starting lineups than most of the powerhouse highschool teams. For example, The Ball brothers Chino Hills team, Prolific prep, and La Lumiere. Baltimore has been producing talent for years and it’s not a secret. Most people don’t talk about it a lot. Baltimore has produced great players like Carmelo Anthony, Rudy Gay, Will Barton, and Immanuel Quickly. Baltimore needs more attention! They produce the same amount of talent as New York and Chicago.


Today, Baltimore had two teams Nationally ranked by ESPN. Those teams being St. Frances Academy who beat Oak Hill Academy and Baltimore Polytechnic Instuite who beat IMG. When St. Frances beat Oak Hill, they were ranked #2 in the nation. This year’s St.Frances’ team was loades with talent. They had Adrian “Ace” Bladwin,VCU signee, Julian Reese whos a four star Maryland commit, and Jamal West a South Alabama commit. Every year, St. Frances is on top of the MIAA , which is a prolific,private highschool basketball confrence conatining many good teams.

Now Poly is a newer name to the scene, but don’t take them lightly because they’re a public school. Nowadays, most of the powerhouses are private schools, but not Poly. Poly’s roster this year had Justin Lewis a Marqueete signee, Kwame Evans the #7 ranked freshman according to ESPN (he’s ranked higher than Bronny) Brandon Murray who’s taking a post grad year at IMG, and several other players who hold Divison one offers. Kwame Evans is just as good as Bronny, and he desevres the same amount of attention. Evans is a tall, lenghty player who can shoot and attack. His wingspan benefits him on defense. Poly’s big win against IMG put them on peoples radar. However, I strongly believe they deserve more respect after beating a very good IMG team with Jarace Walker and Jaden Springer. In the years coming, they will be on everybody’s radar. For whatever reason, people refuse to show both of these outstanding schools any love. Poly is consistently at the top of their conference. They are even some of the best teams in the USA. Give them some respect!

Why Baltimore is different?

Baltimore hoopers play with a different style of passion. They are never satisfied, and they love to prove the world wrong. Another reason why they are different, is because they play with more heart than anyone else in the world. Their positive attitude helps propel them to achieve their goals. There is this sort of feeling of excitement when you watch teams from the Baltimore area play. Baltimore, also has three national AAU teams. Team Melo playes in the EYBL and Team Thrill is in the UAA. Baltimore is a talent factory. There are over 40 NBA players who are from the Baltimore area. That’s incredible. Overall, Baltimore has produced serious talent and there is no denying that. Going into the future, people need to have Baltimore on their radar as one of the best basketball cities in America.

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