BREAKING: MLB May Be Forced To Shut Down Again

DETROIT, MI - JULY 01: A detailed view of an official Major League Baseball with a surgical mask placed on it sitting outdie of Comerica Park on July 1, 2020 in Detroit, Michigan. (Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images)

The news broke yesterday afternoon: There was a COVID-19 outbreak within the Miami Marlins camp. All games went on as scheduled, but now MLB may be forced to shut down again.

The new season is now just four days old, and already it may come to another grinding halt. While there have been cases reported in other camps, none have been as severe as this issue with the Marlins.

Chicago has seen a ton of COVID-19 cases, yet the Cubs remain 100% negative. Players are not adhering to the social distancing and safety protocols that were put in place. Maybe they do so while on the field or in the dugout, but what about when they’re away from the stadium?

Next, we have a plethora of tweets, all calling the season “in jeopardy.”

Punish the Marlins?

What happened to all of the testing that MLB was supposed to have had implemented? What did the Marlins do (or not do) that now has the majority of the team infected? Is it unfair to suggest that the Marlins season be suspended, while the other 29 teams carry on, so long as theree isn’t any further outbreaks?

Player safety comes first, but players have the option to opt out if they feel compromised. The question is, can it possibly be safe for the rest of MLB after this latest outbreak?

The last thing Rob Manfred, the owners, the players or fans want is to shut this thing down again, but we can’t compromise people’s health. If it ends now, at leeast it was good for four days… RIP Baseball.

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