Mayweather Reflects on Life, Jabs at Pacquiao Again

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Future first ballot Hall of Famer, Floyd Mayweather, had a lot to say during a recent social media interview with rapper Fat Joe. Predictably, the interview centered around familiar territory.

When asked about a possible comeback, the 43-year-old was pretty firm. He’ll only even consider it for someone and something really big.

“I’m a businessman,” Mayweather said. “I already proved years and years ago that I’m the best, period. I’m not going to be out there competing and fighting guys that only got a small city behind them…I’m gonna fight guys who got a whole country behind them.”

That proclamation, of course, is nothing new. Also not new was the bitterness and resentment that bubbled to the surface when asked about archrival Manny Pacquiao.

“Pacquiao fights because he has to…I fight if I want to. There’s a difference.”

When Fat Joe broached the sensitive subject of not having fought Pacquiao in his prime, Floyd countered with precision.

“You keep on talking about ‘at our prime,’ ” the five-division former champ asserted. “I’m older than Pacquiao by two years….When I beat Pacquiao they say he wasn’t at his prime. I’m older than him. When I fought Oscar De La Hoya, they said he’s older…No matter what happens, it’s never good enough for anyone….As long as I’m happy, that’s what’s important.”

So, why DID it take so long– at least 5 or 6 years– to actually make the Pacquiao fight?

Again, Mayweather seems to be covering familiar ground in his response.

“And what happened with the fight was this. Remember, I was a pioneer for random blood and urine testing for all athletes, so we can all be on an even playing field…”

The retired fighter would then become distracted by another subject and not get back to his response. However, everyone who experienced the Mayweather-Pacquiao drama at the time knows where he was about to go.

Mayweather has long claimed that their mega-fight took so long to happen because Pacquiao refused to commit to random testing for performance enhancing drugs. The not-so-subtle implication is that the Filipino icon was fighting dirty. Of course, that’s not a claim that has ever been proven in a lab or any other place, but the accusations have always been there, at least since Pacquiao began his rise in fighting weight.

To close things out, though, Mayweather went right back to insisting that he’s a winner at life, despite what his critics have to say.

“Every day, when I get up, I’m happy because, you know what? I did it for myself and I did it for my children.”

It’s hard to dispute the fact that in the game of boxing, Mayweather won. For the last part of his career, he fought on his own terms and conditions. He made obscene money. He was, ultimately, the boss of himself. And, maybe best of all for him, he emerged healthy and with all of his faculties intact.

He’ll never win over his die-hard critics– and he may care about that more than he lets on. But, as of right now, he seems to be enjoying the last laugh.

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  • L.A.Gonterman says:

    Floyd will jump the Pacman subject everytime. Manny has sued him once for tarnishing his legacy with accusing Manny of doping. Apparently Floyd doesn’t know that to be in the top 15, you have to participate in 24/7/365. Pacman will always remain in the spotlight and on top whether Floyd likes it or not, he’s just a basic boxer with a basic coach only he can understand the lingo from the mouth of. Castillo and Manny were robbed. The world knows. Manny has that nation behind him!!!!!

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