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Rob Manfred Has Failed MLB… Again

Well this is certainly disappointing isn’t it? Rob Manfred only needed a week to screw up MLB.

For months we’ve waited through a stalemate over money, COVID-19, and boredom. MLB was finally back and it felt like a breath of fresh air. We finally had back the sport we’ve yearned for, for so long, and the first weekend back felt great for baseball and for fans. Baseball was back, and now we are at risk of losing it all again. Rob Manfred, do us all a favor and just resign.

Letting the Marlins Play With COVID

Multiple sources told The Athletic that the Miami Marlins had tested and shown “clear signs of outbreak” but the team and the MLB didn’t even THINK to cancel the game. The result? Contact with the Philadelphia Phillies’ clubhouse staff and the season is in jeopardy. Now the Miami Marlins home opener is cancelled and the Phillies and Yankees series is in question.

This is a disgrace to the sport of baseball and a complete lapse of judgement that should never happen from the MLB Commissioner. To treat a potential team outbreak of COVID-19 like it’s not important is a failure on Rob Manfred’s part, and he should pay for it.

Rob Manfred Needs To Step Down as MLB Comissioner

Not right now, we need time to find a replacement, but Rob Manfred needs to begin stepping down. You have failed baseball and their fans AGAIN. I’m sorry, but you can’t screw us all over again and again. We may not have baseball for a whole year, all because you were unable to do what the NHL and NBA could do. You had every opportunity to get it right and you caved. You created a crack between the MLBPA and the MLB owners.

We waited for months for baseball. The players risked their lives and took a a paycut for baseball. Cities took a risk for baseball. Despite all of that, you did absolutely nothing to honor what they’ve done. By putting someone who’s competent in as commissioner, you do your job right, as the owners surely won’t.

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