The Marlins Outbreak and What It Means for Baseball

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The Miami Marlins have just experienced the biggest outbreak of COVID-19 in the MLB to date. Twelve players, including Jose Urena, the scheduled starter against the Phillies, have tested positive. Next, two Marlin coaches also have recently tested positive. This brings the case count to a total of 14, in such a short period of time. What does this outbreak mean for baseball?

Furthermore, Urena, Jorge Alfaro, Garrett Cooper, and Harold Ramirez were the four players announced to have tested positive. Therefore, Urena was crossed off the starting assignment just 90 minutes before game time. The Marlins won their series ending game against Philadelphia, 11-6.

The Marlins Home Opener

Miami was scheduled to play a series vs the Baltimore Orioles. MLB has announced that the home opener game for the Marlins has been cancelled. The team will now remain in Philadelphia as the positive players will be in quarantine, and the rest of the team will test again. 

“It’s fair to say guys are concerned about things. They want their voices to be heard. I think it’s fair. We’re talking about health. We’re talking about these guys traveling back to their homes. To their families, to their kids. It’s the reason we want to be safe. They’ve got a voice, and they get a voice. We’re definitely going to listen to what’s going on with them.” Don Mattingly addressing the media after the Philadelphia series. 


What about Baseball?

This outbreak is no doubt putting MLB in a concerned state. Phillies players are now wondering who may have been exposed, along with their coaches. Baseball could look to tighten up policies and make other restrictions on teams. Other big questions arrive, will more games be canceled, and will this happen again? The unknown will begin to become known, in this unusual 2020 MLB season.

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