Nationals Fall to Blue Jays As Bats Fall Silent


After a tough loss in the rubber match against the New York Yankees the Washington Nationals fail to bounce back. The Nationals bats fell silent as they were unable to get their runners to score against the Blue Jays. It’s a rough night for the Nats, but let’s break down what went wrong.

Not Executing With Runners On

The Washington Nationals had 11 hits and four walks, for a total of 15 baserunners. That would be great if they were able to do better than 2 for 10 with RISP and not leave 10 runners on base. This is not at all what the Nationals did in the postseason, where all of their heroics came late and with runners on. A big blow to the runs was a baserunning error by Eric Thames that definitely cost the Nationals runs.

If the Nationals want to compete in October they’re going to need to have better offensive performances, as they’ve scored 13 runs in four games, good for an average of 3.25 runs per game. This offense has struggled without Juan Soto and will need him back as soon as possible.

Death By Longball

Anibal Sanchez has been a sturdy starter for the Nationals, but last night he got tagged by the Blue Jays for four long-balls. The ball seemed to carry a lot last night, but that’s still not going to cut it if you’re the defending champions.

That young Blue Jays’ lineup has gotten a power stroke, as they hit six extra-base hits last night. They were also able to get a great performance by their pitching, which held down the fort against the Nats’ offense.

The Blue Jays outmatched the Nationals, but what good came from this otherwise bad game for Nats’ fans?

Strong Bullpen Performance

Their bullpen threw four innings of scoreless ball against the Blue Jays which was fantastic. The Blue Jays’ bats fell silent when the Nationals brought in their bullpen, which only allowed one hit and two walks. If there is anything to look forward to, it’s how the bullpen’s looked solid so far outside of the game-3 against the Yankees.

With the season still young, the Nationals shouldn’t panic yet, but they definitely need to try to bounce back against a young and hungry Blue Jays lineup tomorrow.

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